31 Aug
New reality- new Plus Workflow functionalities

New reality- new Plus Workflow functionalities

The beginning of the year and the start of the pandemic introduced a lot of chaos in the functioning of enterprises worldwide. The employees were forced to reorganize their work, whereas the employers had to find a solution enabling the performance of entrusted duties regardless of the situation. Even though remote work is nothing new, it was the lockdown that exposed shortcomings in the organizational structure. It also showed the direction which should be taken by companies to develop and prepare for remote management.

The end of the pandemic will not stop the introduced changes. As we may read in the PwC report, even 74% of enterprises plan to increase the scope of the remote work, even after the pandemic. A report “Rodzina przyszłości” realized by DELab UW also supports this thesis. Almost 50% of responders stated that they still work remotely, whereas 40% returned to work from an office. It raised the need to implement IT systems for enterprise management, duties performance, and initiation of new processes. The companies needed to come to grips with the new needs in a new reality. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and these kinds of investments will pay dividends. A perfect solution is a BPM system, such as Plus Workflow.

The Plus Workflow system offers a wide range of functionalities, which enables, for instance, reducing the number of documents processed in a paper form, and increasing the importance of electronic signature. As a result of the pandemic, new needs related to remote work have emerged, including applications for remote work as well as accounting and reporting of duties performed from home. At this moment, as most of the companies still work remotely, new processes have been launched. They are responsible for booking parking spaces or desks in the office or posting information about employees’ temperature. The implementation of these tasks is essential if an employee wants to work in the office. All the new functionalities are available within the Plus Workflow system.

Naturally, this is just the beginning of accustoming to the new reality. However, taking into consideration all the benefits resulting from remote work, such as an increase in work efficiency, or cost reduction, the situation may never go back to an original condition. That is why we should not be afraid of changes but meet them halfway.

If your company needs changes, we will be happy to help you and find the perfect solution for your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us.