Integration with the UPS

A module of integration with the UPS enables ordering courier directly from the register of incoming correspondence task form in the Plus Workflow system. The courier company receives information about the dimensions and weight of the package. The module allows the users to send only approved types of shipments, such as ordinary or economic.

The module of integration with the UPS is an extension of the Plus Workflow system about new functionality, thanks to which a user may quickly and swiftly control the orders of courier services and types of packages sent. It is a universal and complex solution perfect for all enterprises. The possibility to order a courier directly from the registration of the incoming correspondence task form streamlines the work of the company’s office, optimizes shipping and delivering time, and limits the occurrence of errors. Most of all, it enables cost tracking, keeping a record of shipments, and sending them to defined recipients. This functionality makes the Plus Workflow system a comprehensive tool for performing various types of business duties.


License characteristics of the plug-in:

  • License – for the server, an unlimited number of users, processes, and documents,
  • The component designed for the server version of the Plus Workflow,
  • The component is available with the Plus Workflow system license from version 3.2.