Plus Business Trip

A Plus Business Trip is a functionality of the Plus Workflow system. It is a solution for reckoning domestic and foreign business trips and all formalities related to them.

The Plus Business Trip ensures cost control of business trips in the Plus Workflow system. It allows for reckoning domestic and foreign business trips. Thanks to the Plus Business Trip, the system may automatically calculate domestic and foreign diets or lump sums for public transportation, etc. Furthermore, the system prints the business settlement and, in the case of a trip by a car, a vehicle mileage. When the business trip settlement is ready, the system sends it to a superior and subsequent people in the system hierarchy. Finally, the documents are sent to the financial department to post and settle with an employee.




An employee who returned from a business trip is obliged to settle it. As a result, a user needs to enter the data about the incurred expenses to the system. Moreover, it is essential to characterize the trip, enter the data such as dates of crossing the border, destination country, transportation, accommodation, meals, etc. The module prompts what information needs to be entered in the form, hence, ensures the data completeness.

The professional Plus Business Trip module, basing on the entered data, calculates diets, lump sums, and mileages. It also generates a delegation settlement document and vehicle mileage. Not only does this module reduce the time related to manual work but also eliminates the mistakes, as the system monitors and corrects them.

License characteristics of the plug-in:

  • License – for the server, an unlimited number of users, processes, and documents,
  • The component designed for the server version of the Plus Workflow,
  • The component is available with the Plus Workflow system license from version 2.8.