Plus ChangeData


A Plus ChangeData is an administrative module intended for changing data in the task implementation forms in the Plus Workflow system. This solution accelerates the work with the system. The user does not have to redirect a task to the previous stage in the system in order to edit it.


The Plus ChangeData is a module of the Plus Workflow system. An authorized user may, at any time, search and change data on a task form or within the processed document. This solution is much faster than redirecting the task to the responsible person or the stage where it was possible to edit it. The Plus ChangeData facilitates providing changes within the tasks and provides users with independence in the scope of the work within the system.


To select a task or document for edition, it is essential to use the ‘Search’. After finding a task, the user selects the ‘Change data’ tab, which launches the data change wizard.

In the first step, it is possible to refine the search results. From the visible list, it is essential to select the tasks to be changed.

Later, the user selects the task on which the data need to be changed. Then, the data change form will be displayed. The user enters all the necessary changes in it.

The last step is to execute and summarize the changes. After pressing the ‘Execute’ button, the user may see the statuses of the selected tasks. Information, regarding all the introduced changes, is presented on the users’ dashboards.

License characteristics of the plug-in:

  • License – for the server, an unlimited number of users, processes, and documents,
  • The component designed for the server version of the Plus Workflow,
  • The component is available with the Plus Workflow system license from version 3.1.