Plus Directory Monitor


A Plus Directory Monitor is designed for the Plus Workflow system. This module monitors the network directory to which multi-function devices and IT systems save documents. This module registers any documents scanned by multi-function devices and allows archiving and distributing, for instance, sale invoices.


The Plus Directory Monitor allows archiving electronic documents that are registered in the monitored directories. The module is used to archive documents saved by external systems and multi-function devices. It monitors local and network directories for files existing in them. Identification of a file that matches the pattern results in sending it to the electronic archive. The values describing files come from a workflow path, a file name, etc. It also may be a fixed value.
The additional functionalities are as follows:

  • downloading the index values from any database after the prior integration,
  • downloading the index values from a barcode placed on a document,
  • multiple directories management,
  • sending documents to the Plus Workflow system,
  • the module may be embedded in the system and launched with it automatically or work independently,
  • full integration with the Plus Workflow system,
  • the document processing may occur in the established time segments or at a specific hour; moreover, the documents may be removed or moved to the other location,
  • XML file reading.


License characteristics of the plug-in:

  • License – for the server, an unlimited number of users, processes, and documents,
  • The component designed for the server version of the Plus Workflow,
  • The component is available with the Plus Workflow system license from version 2.9.