Plus Tools


Plus Tools is a functionality available in the Plus Workflow. It has a set of functionalities and tools, thanks to which a designer may in an easy an swift way use multiple components of the Plus Workflow system.


Plus Tools is an extension of the Plus Workflow system. The plugin has multiple components, which extends the basic functions of the Plus Workflow system. Thanks to it, the user can expand the operation of existing modules and plugins with new, additional functions that can be added only thanks to Plus Tools. Such activities include:

  • sending email notifications,
  • creating processes,
  • adding hyperlinks to tasks,
  • automatic task adding a comment.









Full list of available functionalities in the Plus Tools plugin:

  • loading data to a table from JSON,
  • changing colour in a table’s column,
  • adding hyperlinks to table,
  • deleting buton from table,
  • variable initiation with organizational unit names,
  • rewriting selected rows,
  • completing the column with the selected default value,
  • displaying the login of the user who completed the task,
  • confirmation window of the performed action,
  • verbal description of the amount in PLN,
  • download PLN exchange rate to the table,
  • downloading information about individual versions of the document,
  • retrieving a list of document classes in the process,
  • hiding tables based on the given condition,
  • DataChooser from JSON,
  • creating new processes,
  • automatic task adding a comment,
  • checking existing users in the system,
  • downloading email for a given role,
  • simple email sending,
  • simple sending of e-mails with the configuration of the e-mail server,
  • advanced sending of emails (with HTML template),
  • advanced sending of emails (with HTML template) with the configuration of the e-mail server,
  • names of the organizational units,
  • names along with the symbols of the organizational units,
  • adding barcode to PDF,
  • conversion of MS Word to PDF,
  • setter adding a comment,
  • setter checking if the user exists on the system.

Full Plus Tools documentation is available on the Confluence platform.

License characteristics of the plugin:

  • License – for the server, unlimited number of users, processes and documents,
  • The supplement designed for the server version of the Plus Workflow,
  • The supplement available with the Plus Workflow system license from version 3.1.26.