Plus Workflow

A Plus Workflow is a modern and comprehensive BPM solution for managing business processes and documents. The Plus Workflow supports electronic document workflow, document scanning, and OCR. It also enables designing new business processes, creating e-documents, and archiving of content. The main objective of the system is the reduction of costs and optimization of business processes. The Plus Workflow is a solution enabling fast, easy, pleasant, and individual launching of subsequent processes and workflows of documents, even without the advanced programming knowledge and commitment of IT specialists.

The Plus Workflow is a high-tech, secure tool for business process management and workflow of documents of a BPMN class. Thanks to the flexibility and configuration options, the Plus Workflow is used in various companies, regardless of their size. Moreover, the system is highly intuitive, as its main task is to automate the company’s processes and minimize employees’ interference. Also, the system is available in multiple language versions. Among many functionalities, it is essential to list the most important ones:

the graphic interface for process designing,
possibility of implementing serial, parallel and nested processes,
reflection of the organizational structure,
access to an individual task inbox,
access via any web browser,
tracking the process during its execution and the possibility of dynamic configuration,
integrated electronic archive,
a full analytical interface with the statistics, predefined users’ profiles, different language versions,
a full history of the completed processes.

A complex system for the workflow of documents in a company

The Plus Workflow is a comprehensive solution enabling the management of business processes and, as a result, all the enterprises’ documentation in terms of their electronic workflow, scanning, and electronic archiving. The Plus Workflow is a server system, so all the users obtain access to it via a selected web browser. The innovative Workflow systems enable a more efficient workflow of documents among the employees, thus increasing teamwork efficiency. The Plus Workflow document and business processes management system is an advanced, modern, flexible, and secure IT system for the electronic workflow of documents. What is most important, the system possesses many functionalities.

Figure 1. Graphics presenting the workflow thanks to the use of the Plus Workflow

The Plus Workflow – application areas

Zapotrzebowania zakupu
The workflow of purchase requisitions:

✓  management process of internal purchase requisitions of a company;
✓  the ordering process for suppliers;
  record of purchase documents and fixed assets;
✓  tendering process;
  supplier management (supplier base, suppliers verification, ranking points assigning);
the registration and approval of acceptance protocols with their inclusion to cost authorization.

zarządzanie fakturami

The workflow of invoices:

the electronic workflow of cost and warehouse invoices;
the electronic workflow of the accounting documents (e.g. advance payment, policy);
electronic invoices’ management according to the Regulation of the Ministry of Finance from December 18th, 2010;
electronic archive of cost and warehouse invoices;
electronic distribution of sales invoices to contractors;
process of accepting accounting propositions.

Archiwizacja umów

Reviewing of contracts:

cost invoices;
sales invoices;
contracts with contractors;
personal files of employees;
organizational documents of a company (ordinances, responsibilities);
ISO 9001 documentation (quality book, procedures, instructions, etc.).

Obieg korespondencji

Correspondence workflow:

incoming correspondence distribution;
records of outgoing correspondence;
registration and archiving of documents;
registration and assignment of outgoing and incoming parcels;
generation of lists of received documents;
elimination of lost documents.

Planowanie budżetu

Budget planning and control:

the process of management and approval of investment applications;
process of budgets’ defining;
process of controlling the use of budgets.

Wnioski urlopowe

Holiday requests:

electronic holiday requests;
the process of absence;
the process of employees’ applications.

Rozliczanie zaliczek

Settlement of advances and business trips:

process of applying for an advance by employees;
settlement of the advance payment/cash purchase by employees;
settlement of business trips.

Rozliaczanie zaliczek

Administration and HR:

conference halls booking;
management of traditional archive;
binders management.

A Plus Workflow Editor

A Plus Workflow Editor is a graphical modeling studio of business processes in the Plus Workflow system. Due to this solution, it is possible to build and launch the subsequent document workflows individually, using one of the most popular modeling standards – Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN).

Figure 2. A sample of the process modeling

The Plus Workflow Editor is a tool intended for the individual development of process models by the Plus Workflow system users in the BPMN notation. A user may autonomously analyze and visualize the process. It is also possible to define particular stages and deploy the objects compatible with the XPDL standard and the BPMN. Moreover, the user, as the business process author, decides about the process workflow in the enterprise, its executors, information workflow, and integration with the external systems.

The Plus Workflow Editor enables designing the appearance of the selected stages – the electronic forms of the Plus Workflow system. For this purpose, the user may select the positions from the available library or add new ones. The Plus Workflow Editor dynamically introduces all the modifications to the preview of the forms. Thanks to this, the user can control the future appearance of the forms on an ongoing basis. Process modeling is quick and easy. Moreover, to eliminate the errors, the system is equipped with prompts, particularly useful for less-advanced users. The tool automatically executes validations, so all the logical errors are detected straight away. The Plus Workflow Editor has been integrated with the Plus Workflow system. The user may also send the modeled process to the system and test it. After the testing phase, there is an option to modify the model to optimize the business process.

The implementation of the Plus Workflow system for the electronic workflow of documents ensures immediate business benefits and fast return on investment.

The most important business benefits include:

lowering the operational costs;
reduction of labor intensity and improvement of business processes;
automation and standardization of the electronic workflow of documents;
coordination over the workflow of documents;
management and control over a large number of various company documents;
ensuring unambiguous and error-free description of documents;
significant increase in the efficiency and quality of work of the Plus Workflow system users;
elimination of activities that do not add value for a client, e.g. waiting for documents, or duplicating activities;
realization of tasks related to the documents, regardless of the user’s location (system available via any web browser);
protection and security of document and business processes;
providing access to suitable information (profiled) for each user;
the possibility to perform a full analysis of the document workflow;
access to documents stored in the built-in, electronic repository.


The invoice approval process allows for efficient management of sales invoices reaching an enterprise. The offered solution enables full control over an invoice from its acceptance, through the substantive description, to its accounting.

Figure 1.The flow of invoice approval

To start work within the system, essential is the analysis and the preparation of the appropriate process map for a given enterprise. The Suncode specialists coordinate the course of work. The map appearance depends on the individual needs of a company. Below, a figure presenting a sample map of the invoice approval process.

Figure 2. Sample process map of the invoice approval process

After logging in to the system, the Plus Workflow user has a customized dashboard, dependent on the position and duties. Below, there is a screen with a user’s dashboard. First, there are visible all pending tasks – a list of the scanned documents waiting for registration. Then, there is a list of invoices pending description or consultation by the logged user.

Figure 3. A sample user’s dashboard with pending tasks

Invoice registration in the Plus Workflow system involves adding the document to the process and entering the fields of the electronic form with the values from the registered invoice.

Figure 4. Create a process of invoice registration

The first step in the process is invoice registration – a standard registration of an incoming document in the Plus Workflow system by an employee. To register an invoice in the system, the user completes subsequent fields in a registration form. The form will automatically generate a unique Invoice ID, which unambiguously identifies the document in the system. The registration should be conducted according to the scheme visible below.
The contractors are visible after clicking on the drop-down list on the ‘Contractor’ field. After selecting the right contractor, the system automatically completes the fields describing it.

Filling in all the fields marked with an asterisk is obligatory. It is essential to complete the following fields: Corrective Invoice, Supplier’s Tax Identification Number, Supplier Name, Supplier Number, Invoice receipt date, Invoice issue date, Sale date, Payment method, Payment date, Currency, Net amount PLN, Gross amount PLN, Choose a different substantive person.
After clicking the ‘Register’ button, the system sends the document to the stage of substantive description.

Figure 5. Invoice registration form

Moreover, in the system, there is a Notification History, which informs the user about the course of individual tasks.

Figure 6. Notifications history


Technical aspects

The Plus Workflow system is independent of the IT platform, which works with many different:
– operational environments – Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, 2012 Server, Linux, Red Hat, Debian, Fedora, Unix,
– databases – MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2,
– Internet browsers,
– web servers – Glassfish, JBOSS, WebSphere, Apache, Tomcat,
– physical servers – IBM, SUN, DELL, HP, and others.

Additionally, the offered system is fully resizable in terms of the number of users, processes, or documents. It is also is fully accessible from a web browser (both for the user and administrator) without requiring the installation of additional components on workstations.

The Plus Workflow may be integrated with any external IT system, thanks to the API interface. Most of the functions are accessible by the API programming interface, available as JAVA. Importantly, we provide essential documentation along with the system.

The integrations are based on external data downloading and their transferring to the Plus Workflow or vice versa. The system has been already integrated with: SAP, QAD, MS Dynamics, Comarch ERP XL, Oracle Financials, IFS, ERP Optima, QUGAR, J.D. Edwards, TETA, DEF 2000/3000, Symfonia, Lotus Notes, MS Share Point, MS Office, CODA, Unisoft, vTiger and many others.