05 Jun
Scanners maintenance service

Scanners maintenance service

In order to ensure our clients with a comprehensive service, we offer technical support for scanners – an integral part of the Plus Workflow environment.

The Plus Workflow system for the electronic flow of documents supports files reaching the organization in an electronic form and scanned images of paper documents. Therefore, the scanning device plays a crucial role in the Plus Workflow system.

Appropriate use of scanners and their regular conservation guarantee work continuity and scanning precision. To ensure the correct operation of scanners and the warranty service itself, the manufacturer requires periodic replacement of wearing parts and a review of the scanner at least once a year. The technical support service offered by Suncode includes inspection and estimation of the technical state, cleaning, and consumable parts replacement.

If you are interested in obtaining additional information about the presented service, please send a question to the address: sprzedaz@suncode.pl.