Last week we celebrated the 30th anniversary of introducing barcodes in Poland. Every day barcodes are used over six billion times worldwide. Nowadays, apart from the standard commercial functions, they are used to source and share information. Moreover, thanks to them, it is possible to identify and track a given product or document swiftly and effortlessly. Barcodes superseded the manual registration, opening the way to the digitization of business processes.

To facilitate the work of, for instance, administrative departments, the Plus Workflow takes advantage of the barcodes. A Plus Barcode Reader is a module used to separate the scanned documents and read barcode values by multifunction devices. The module supports the mass scanning of documents. It divides the package of documents into individual papers, based on a barcode, and then launches the appropriate workflows in the Plus Workflow system.

The Plus Barcode Reader ensures comprehensive support of various barcode types. It enables configuring and printing of barcodes from the form level of the Plus Workflow or Plus DMS system. The main task of the Plus Barcode Reader is to support the Workflow system in printing appropriate barcodes. Moreover, thanks to the unambiguous document indexing (invoices, contracts), the user gains full control over the archive.

Another highly useful module is Plus LabelPrinter. It allows the users to configure and print barcodes from the Plus Workflow or Plus DMS system form. The barcodes, generated and applied on the documents, are readable to various scanning applications such as Kofax Capture and Kofax Express, Quick Scan, TIS eFlow, Readsoft and Abby Flexi Capture. It enables reading the codes using a code reader.

To use the multifunction device to read barcodes, select the Plus Index module. It allows employees to use company devices to scan the documentation sent to the Plus Workflow system. The application allows indexing of the scanned and electronic documents and forwarding them to the Plus Workflow system. Moreover, it monitors the content of a source directory, on which the images of invoices with barcodes, are saved.

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