The Plus Workflow platform, together with the leading national and international electronic signature services, embodies the concept “paperless”, i.e. the approach of the gradual eradication of paper documents from enterprises. This type of paper reduction is possible by avoiding printing a large number of documents, which may be achieved thanks to the usage of certified electronic signatures, placed on documents in an electronic form.

In every enterprise which transfers documents and tasks, accepts purchase requisitions, invoices or holiday applications, there is a place for the Plus Workflow system. Through the usage of BPM class systems solutions, the work of different company’s sectors may be streamlined. Moreover, all the processes connected to administration and HR may be seamlessly reflected in the system. This is a significant time-saver, especially for people on higher levels of the organization who can accept, comment or reject documents and tasks from anywhere. It is enough to have access to any web browser or our mobile application, which may be downloaded on smartphones from Google Play or Apple Store.

“Paperless” finds application not only inside the organization but increasingly common when making declarations of will, applications or concluding contracts with external clients of the enterprise. The Plus Workflow system, along with individual business processes launched within it, is integrated with leading service providers of secure and certified electronic signatures, both unqualified, qualified and biometrical.

Cooperation with an international supplier – DocuSign

We have established cooperation with the pioneer and main producer of electronic signatures in the world – DocuSign. The company provides secure, certified solutions all over the world. DocuSign started its operation in 2003 and since then it has been trying to revolutionize, and above all, automate daily activities of organizations when creating, signing and managing contracts and signatures.

DocuSign is in the top 10 largest technology companies in the world. Over half a million users in over 180 countries benefit from paid solutions provided by this leading manufacturer. The main assumptions of the company are the elimination of paper in the office, automation of implemented processes, reduction of manual work, and increase in efficiency and savings resulting from the diminution of processing documents in paper form. DocuSign was linked with over 350 systems and applications of the largest system manufacturers. By dint of this, the platform, which is available in 48 languages, can easily be integrated with the Plus Workflow and allow the use of signatures also in the Polish version.

DocuSign offers many solutions, such as:

  • DocuSign Agreement Cloud – the platform automates the conduction of economic activity through modern contract management. It embraces the entire process, from the preparation of the contract to its final signing. Thanks to this solution, business processes are accelerated, and the risk level and cost reduced.
  • Electronic signature – dozens of contracts a day come through the administration during the working day, from correspondence, invoices to contracts. From now on, with DocuSign, you can sign the document in a few seconds without undue delay, all with due security.
  • Contract lifecycle management – automation of contract reconciliation in DocuSign SpringCM;
  • Integration with many IT systems – Microsoft, Google, Oracle, SAP, Apple and much more;
  • DocuSign Click – along with the company growth, the complexity of documenting and managing standard online agreements, such as terms, privacy policy, information disclosure and more is increasing. DocuSign Click is an easy-to-use, simple to implement clickwrap solution that allows saving customer consent to existing conditions with one click, reducing costs while increasing security. “Clickwrap” refers to a simple method of online user consent by clicking “I Agree” or a similar button. It can be used in e-commerce, thanks to its quick response.

To find out how DocuSign works, please watch the video. We also encourage you to test the demo version. For information or cooperation, please contact us.