The Plus Workflow system is equipped with a built-in DMS module – an electronic archive of documents.

An electronic archiving of documents relies on the creation and classification of documents into specific sets. Appropriate segregation of documents enables the easy finding of archival sources. Plus DMS is used, mostly, in order to accelerate the documents searching process.

Plus DMS, the electronic archive of documents, is a tool for managing the company’s documentation. All the authorized users of the Plus Workflow system gain immediate access to the given document, regardless of the location.

In the electronic archive of the Plus Workflow system, there may be documents related to the realized processes, as well as independently saved documents attached from the disk. In order to facilitate the storing and archiving of the documents, they may be easily classified. Examples of such classes include invoices, letters, resumes, delivery documents, Stock Issue Confirmation (CI), orders and others. All the documents stored in the suitable classes posses describing indexes, which enable easy searching.

The electronic archive of documents of the Plus Workflow system posses the function of document sets. This functionality enables searching for associated documents of different classes, for instance, all the documents related to specific invoice number (invoice, delivery document, order).