The document registration in an electronic document flow system may be streamlined by the usage of the OCR technology.

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is used in order to identify text in a scanned document. Its application allows eliminating workload connected with manual rewriting of data from paper documents.

The Plus Workflow system integrates with commercially available OCR intelligent reading systems. Thanks to this, document registration is much faster. Paper documents are scanned by the OCR system and then sent in an electronic version, along with the read content, to the Plus Workflow. The system automatically creates the document circulation process and archives it in the electronic repository. The registration form contains data read by the OCR technology from the scanned document.

The usage of OCR technology reduces the number of operations and errors made when manually registering documents. The task of employees is no longer to rewrite data from the document but to verify the correctness of the information. Thanks to this, the efficiency of employees increases.

There is a wide range of OCR systems, from cheaper template-based to the smartest ones which read the data form every, even hand-written document. The Plus Workflow, however, may be integrated with any of them, ensuring clients with tailor-made solutions.