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Fixed assets such as machinery, equipment, vehicles and real estates, as well as intangible assets, i.e., e.g., licenses, subscriptions, etc., are an important part of the assets of many companies.

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Many leaders in digital banking come from Poland – according to Deloitte’s report from 2022, Digital Banking Maturity. Leading banks offer not only financial services – currently, banking applications enable […]

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Electronic workflow and business process automation are nothing new these days. Companies around the world understand the importance of digitization – the situation is no different in the medical and […]

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For the past 9 years, the European Commission has been monitoring the digital progress of member states and publishing an annual report on the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). Although […]

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There is no doubt that solutions aimed at reorganizing business processes – automating and functionalizing them gain in popularity. Sales or marketing departments have often been enthusiastic about innovations to […]

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In recent years, companies have faced enormous challenges – entrepreneurs had to face a global pandemic, accelerated technological development, and countless economic adversities. In adapting to the prevailing geopolitical situation, […]

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The Workflow class systems have been supporting the digitization of enterprises worldwide for a long time. Although these solutions are ideal for various industries, some companies are not ready to […]

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The University of Technology in Poznań is one of the leading technical universities in Poland. Poznan University of Technology offers education in unique engineering fields (e.g., automatics and robotics, or […]

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The OCR technology is a modern solution that identifies the characters visible on the document, its layout, and its formatting. As a result, it enables an almost error-free read of […]

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Whether working in the office or remotely, we must remember to schedule our tasks wisely. A common reason for the habitual postponement of duties is the inappropriate work organization. It […]