Farm Frites

Farm Frites was founded in 1971 as a family business, which it remains to this day. It possesses forty branches in various countries all around the world. Farm Frites is the unquestionable expert in the scope of frozen and chilled potato products. The headquarters of the Polish branch is situated in Lębork. The manufacturer’s best-known brands are Farm Frites and Aviko.

The implementation project of the Plus Workflow system covered the process of electronic flow of documents (invoices), product specification process and the purchase process. The Suncode solution has been integrated with the ERP system of the QAD company, used by the customer.

Case study
Dr Irena Eris

Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratory was established in 1983 as a small craft factory, which hired one employee and produced one type of cream. Currently, the company employs approximately 800 employees, produces over 2 million pieces of products per month, and offers several hundred cosmetics. Dr Irena Eris is a valued and well-known Polish brand in the cosmetics industry.

The implementation project of the Plus Workflow system was aimed at automating the most important business processes in the enterprise. The scope of the project included the process of handling invoices, purchase requirements, correspondence, as well as contract management and business trips’ settlement. The Suncode solution has been integrated with the M3 system used by the customer.

Thai Union Group

The Thai Union Group is a global leader on a seafood market with ambitious growth goals and a dedication to sustainability and innovation. The company’s history dates back to August 1977, when Thai Union Manufacturing Co. Ltd. , a processor and exporter of a canned tuna, was founded. Currently, the Thai Union has 12 production facilities in 10 countries across four continents: North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The implementation project of the Plus Workflow system at the Thai Union Group included an automatic and electronic flow of invoices. In addition, we have integrated with the SAP system and the OCR data reading system at scanning stations located in several countries. The aim of the project was to reduce costs and streamline implemented processes.


Suncode supports clients in digitalization and optimization of business processes. Our solutions are used by large international companies, as well as large and medium national enterprises. We are present in almost all continents, including Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Eurofoam Polska

Eurofoam Polska belongs to the EUROFOAM group – the world leader on the polyurethane foam market. This company consists of 36 plants in 12 countries, whose main business profile is the production and processing of polyurethane foam. The latest technological solutions and experience, which has been gained since 1966, allow the company to produce polyurethane foam of the highest quality, with a wide range of properties and application possibilities.

The project involved the implementation of a document management process, based on Suncode solutions. In the Plus Workflow system, there have been reflected processes of the invoice approval, payment authorization, and purchase requirements. In addition, a DMS module for electronic archiving of documents is available in the system. The implementation project also assumed the installation of a central scanning point, which was located in Zgierz. The implementation covered 5 factories in which about 150 users take advantage of the system on a daily basis. The Plus Workflow solution has been integrated with an ERP 21 class system of JBA company, in order to conduct business processes efficiently.

Case study

Podravka is one of the largest producers of groceries in Central and Eastern Europe, and its products are available in all continents, in over 40 countries. The Polish branch of the company has been opened in 2000 in Kostrzyn. Currently, the company hires about 180 employees. The most recognizable brands of Podravka in Poland are Vegeta, Podrvka, Warzywko, and Eva.

The project of implementation of the Plus Workflow system included the factory in Kostrzyn, the headquarters in Warsaw, and the sales departments. The solutions provided by Suncode support the processes of electronic invoice flow as well as promotional and premium campaigns. Documents are scanned at several locations throughout the country using MDF devices. In addition, the system has been integrated with external data sources used in processes.

Case study
Colas Polska

COLAS Polska is a part of the COLAS group, which has branches in over 40 countries around the world and employs over 60,000 people. The enterprise which realizes road projects in the scope of design, construction and implementation of road investments. The company with over 30 years of tradition in the realization of road works, with a capital of PLN 12,000,000.

The implementation of the Workflow system was aimed at improving key business processes. The scope of the project included the concept development of changes and the implementation of a Workflow class IT system. The implementation of the Plus Workflow system concerned three processes: construction orders, delivery of services and goods, and handling of invoices. In order to facilitate the users’ work, the solution provided by Suncode has been integrated with the company’s domain-specific systems (Coda, Unisoft). The Plus Workflow system supports the work of nearly 100 people in various locations throughout the country.

Case study


Heavy and light industry
Medicine and pharmacy

Smithfield Polska is a group of companies involved in the production of food of animal origin, which aims to control the production process “from farm to table”. Smithfield Polska belongs to the Smithfield FOODS INC group. (USA), whose main shareholder is WH GROUP listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. These companies form a group which is the largest pork producer in the world. Smithfield is present in 11 countries and employs 57,000 people. In addition, the company owns more than 50 well-known and recognizable brands around the world. In North American countries, these are: Smithfield, Eckrich, Farmland, Armour, Cook’s, Gwaltney, John Morrell, Kretschmar, Curly’s, Carando, Margherita and Healthy ones. In turn in Poland this is very well known to all: Krakus, Morlinki, Morlinki, Berlinki, Masuria, and Yano.

The benefits of the project include increased control over documents and reduction of many manual activities in the process. Currently, documents are assigned and checked automatically in Plus Workflow system integrated with SAP system. Thanks to the integration, data exchange between the systems takes place automatically, which significantly accelerates the process.

IKEA Industry

The IKEA Industry Group (formerly Swedwood) is a part of the IKEA Industrial Group. The company produces and sells furniture all over the world. The IKEA Industry Group has more than 50 production sites and 10 branches on three continents, where employs more than 16,500 people, who produce approximately 100 million pieces of furniture and its components per year.

The implementation project has embraced the IKEA Industry Poland’s headquarters in Goleniów and five independent factories. The system reflects the process of managing and archiving of cost and electronic invoices. Currently, the Plus Workflow platform supports several important business processes, including, the process of placing orders, accepting outgoing payments, and reporting changes in suppliers’ and customers’ data. The system delivered by Suncode has been integrated with the ERP system – Movex/M3.

Leroy Merlin Polska

Leroy Merlin is a chain of DIY stores. The history of the company in Poland dates back to 1994 when the office in Warsaw was opened. Currently, the chain consists of 43 large-format stores located near large metropolitan areas throughout the country. At the moment, Leroy Merlin hires about 7400 employees, and the total retail space is over 300 thousand square meters. Leroy Merlin shops offer a wide range of products in the field of construction, DIY, gardening and interior design. The comapny generates over 10 billion Euros of turnover annually.

The implementation project embraced the company’s headquarters in Warsaw and several dozen hypermarkets located in Poland, as part of distributed scanning. The undertaking included the analysis of processes and their support through the implementation of the Plus Workflow system. The Plus Workflow comprises 3 pivotal business processes of finances and accounting, including budgeting support. Suncode’s system has been integrated with the ERP system – Oracle Financials – operated by Leroy Merlin and located in France. The system is used by several thousand users every day.