The Plus Workflow system for managing an enterprise’s business processes and documents is a solution that is also made available in a SaaS model.

The SaaS model involves providing software as a service. The cloud storage of data proves to be a highly advantageous option for organizations that lack their own servers. The service provider is responsible for the proper storage of data and the smooth operation of the software.

Plus Workflow as a cloud solution

The use of the SaaS model allows all companies to access the Plus Workflow system, regardless of their resources. In this model, customers do not need to install additional programs on company computers. The system is installed on Suncode servers, which are located in a secure data center.

An important element of using the Plus Workflow system as a cloud solution is that it offers the same functional capabilities as a “standard” system implementation, on a server at the client’s site.

The Plus Workflow in the cloud works on a subscription basis, which streamlines the management of the company’s budget and helps reduce operating costs.

The most important aspects of using the Plus Workflow in the cloud:

  • No need to install additional programs

Cloud solutions are a favorable solution for all businesses, as they do not involve the need to maintain technical infrastructure. Not having to install additional software eliminates unnecessary hardware load and the risk of incompatibility with existing software.

  • Installation of the system on Suncode servers

The system is installed on Suncode servers, so the client does not have to worry about setting aside additional computing power to install the Plus Workflow. Our company uses the servers of a trusted data center. For the security of our clients’ data, we maintain a private cloud.

  • Scalability in terms of number of users and supported documents

Thanks to the great flexibility of the system, the client can at any time reduce or increase the number of users using Plus Workflow, as well as adjust the scope of the subscription to the number of documents it actually processes.

The solution provides multiple benefits for customers without their servers, including:

  • No need to invest in new hardware and software;
  • No server maintenance costs;
  • Security of processed data;
  • Access the system 24/7 from any web browser;
  • Responsibility for the software on the supplier’s side;
  • Quick implementation of the solution;
  • Automatic, regular backups;
  • Scalability of the system.