Multiple professional journals focused on the topic related to digital transformation and robotization, whereas industry 4.0 has been slowly surpassed by another business revolution. However, the situation we are facing today has completely changed the idea of computerization and planned investments. All the decisions need to be swift and secure, yet carefully thought. Most employees work remotely, not knowing how long the current situation may last and what the future holds. The management of processes, time, and employees have undergone radical changes. As a result, a system for business process automation appears to be a necessity. It’s time to start the changes – from scratch.

Decision-making acceleration

During his conferences, Prime Minister Morawiecki emphasized the need to use services that automate work and, if possible, select the computerization. It is also highlighted in one of the articles published by Business Insider. This solution minimizes physical contact with other employees, which is now highly recommended. Thanks to the Workflow class system, it is possible to perform all official duties from home and monitor their progress in the system. If you are wondering what is best for you, it is time to contact us. We will help you choose a solution adjusted to your business profile.

The Plus Workflow, thanks to the cooperation with DocuSign, may be helpful while approving the documents which require a signature. Most importantly, all of that without the necessity to print the document, send it via email or contact other people. It not only accelerates the work but also allows people to #stayhome and perform their duties from any location.

Who can use the Plus Workflow system?

A wide range of companies from different industries has already used our solution. E-commerce is now very popular, and payments via mobile applications or the Internet are on the agenda. We have a lot of experience in those areas and may take pride in references from banks and companies involved in online sales. The Plus Workflow system manages and automates the flow of online purchases, invoice archiving, and returns processes.

Naturally, every company deals with different business processes. Regardless, however, of their nature, the Plus Workflow system may help digitize them. In this extraordinary situation, all concerned may expect professional advice from our representatives. The conversation is an indispensable element of cooperation and helps us find suitable solutions for your company. Entrust this task to specialists and find out how much you can profit thanks to the implementation of the system for electronic document workflow. Automate your business without leaving home – call, or write to us: +48 661 071 068, +48 667 101 722, +48 (61) 8200-449,