Each enterprise concludes multiple agreements with the contractors. This fact is always preceded by complex and often time-consuming trade negotiations. However, it repeatedly turns out that original optimistic assumptions about rapid document finalization may vanish into thin air. As a consequence, the road to a dream contract becomes bumpy and full of unexpected challenges. The occurrence of multiple versions of the same document, modified by different people involved in the project, does not make things any easier.

The documents are oftentimes sent between the Parties to the Agreement, each time raising the risk of losing a specific version or causing difficulties in identifying the correct one.

The problem becomes annoying also in situations where it is essential to compare previously reviewed documents with the most current ones. This often takes valuable time that could be devoted to other urgent tasks.

Setting sights on optimizing business processes and eliminating the mentioned problems among the current and potential clients, Suncode has created a dedicated business process. Its purpose is to significantly facilitate the ongoing work with documents and to remove the eventuality of losing them.

The contracts reviewing process of the Plus Workflow system has been equipped with a wide range of functionalities, such as, integration with MS Word and outgoing mail server, the possibility of issuing independent opinions on attachments and annexes, generating the final version of an agreement in a PDF format along with the watermark, and the option of electronic signature of the document using the Autenti platform.

The integration with MS Word is all about the usage of a dedicated Plus DOC plugin installed on the specific workstation. This plugin enables direct communication between MS Word application and the Plus Workflow system. This, on the other hand, guarantees a quick downloading of the document for change, subsequent sending of changes and saving the new version in the Plus Workflow system without the necessity to attach the document manually. All the work is done with the help of the context menu in the MS Word application. Additionally, the plugin enables the comparison of the current version with all the previous ones, while highlighting the differences in the documents.

The integration with an outgoing mail server has been created in order to allow the user of the Plus Workflow system to send the latest version of the agreement to an external entity (external office or contractor) from the level of the process form. Everything is done in three easy steps. In the beginning, it is essential to specify the subject of the message, then supplement its content, and finally select the button launching the process of sending the latest version of the document existing in the process.

A user who works on a document also has the opportunity to give independent opinions on attachments and annexes, and send them to other people involved in the project. Those people, on the other hand, have the ability to download the documents for changes and send them using the Plus DOC plugin.

The whole process is ended by the generation of the documents in a PDF format along with a watermark (or barcode). Thanks to this, with the help of a dedicated scanning application, the printed and signed document may be attached to the process.

It is worth emphasizing that the Plus Workflow system may be integrated with the Autenti Platform in order to sign the documents faster. More about the Autenti Platform can be found at https://autenti.com/en/product-2/.

The automation of the contracts reviewing process in the Plus Workflow significantly accelerates work with documents, supports differences recognition and eliminates the possibility of the loss of the documents, accelerating the whole procedure. All this contributes to the increase in the efficiency of negotiations, and hence the faster contract realization.