The Plus Workflow system for managing the electronic flow of documents is a solution supporting chancellery in the scope of incoming and outgoing correspondence.

The correspondence occurs in every enterprise, as it is one of the basic means of communication between different organizations. Consequently, correspondence management is an inherent process in companies. However, thanks to the Plus Workflow system, it may be executed through a few steps. The process consists of certain elements, such as document creation, flow and archiving.

Correspondence circulation in a traditional, paper form is a burdensome activity. Especially when an incoming document is intended for many employees and needs to be scanned. The technology development, however, allows the introduction of alternative solutions for faster and more effective managing of correspondence. As a result, an increasing number of companies decide to implement IT systems, supporting the work of chancellery.

The solution proposed by Suncode supports automation of the process related to the management of correspondence. The users register the incoming and outgoing correspondence, and the system saves the information about it in the form of a register book. Additionally, all the scanned documents and information about them are archived in a safe electronic repository. The system also allows forwarding the received correspondence to an appropriate addressee (correspondence attribution). This solution gives the opportunity to control whether the recipient has read the document, through the confirmation in the Plus Workflow system.

The implementation of the IT system supporting the correspondence workflow streamlines the company’s work. Thereby, correspondence is not overlooked among other documents. The Plus Workflow system gives the ability to check whether the given users received the document addressed to them. Moreover, the system automatically creates a record of outgoing correspondence and generates a reference book, so the employee has no longer to do this manually.

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