The cosmetics industry in Poland is constantly developing, ranking 14th among the world’s cosmetics exporters, according to a report[1] by PKO BP. However, the sector faces many challenges despite its strong international position.

The development of influencing and the transfer of advertising from traditional sources to the Internet, have influenced a sharp increase in competition. Manufacturers, seeking to gain an advantage in the market, are introducing innovative formulas or new active ingredients in their products. Trends are emerging and the seasonality of cosmetics is increasing, which generates the need for constant analysis of the market and changing consumer preferences. Consequently, in order not to be left behind, leaders in the cosmetics industry are forced to constantly update the applications and business processes taking place every day in the company.

Plus Workflow is a low-code solution that dynamically responds to the challenges of the industry with flexible customization, positively influencing the development and operation of the company in a changing environment.

Optimization of processes in the cosmetics industry

The introduction of an electronic workflow certainly supports the management of both the production and distribution processes of cosmetic products. . Especially that our specialists can implement processes personalized to the needs of the company, which will fully meet the business and technical expectations of the Client.

Below presents selected solutions, supporting companies in the cosmetics industry:

  • Quality Alerts;
  • The process of raw material release;
  • The process of re-inspecting the raw material;
  • The process of finished product specification;
  • The process of sample approval;
  • The process of changing raw material documentation;
  • The process of reformulation;
  • The process of accepting packaging designs;
  • The process of registering and handling invoices;
  • The process of verification of a chemical substance;
  • Electronic document archive;
  • The module allowing the mass generation, printing and scanning of barcodes – Plus Label Printer.

Digitization of the enterprise and automation of business processes will allow faster response to the needs and requirements of the changing market, facilitate management and organization of work. Increased control over processes will ensure constant monitoring of the quality of manufactured cosmetics, and electronic document flow, together with an archive, will further guarantee both the efficient flow of company documentation and its storage.

It is also worth mentioning that these are not the only benefits of implementing the Plus Workflow system. We encourage you to familiarize with our offer – we guarantee the help of specialists at every stage of implementation.

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[1] PKO Bank Polski, 2023, Branża kosmetyczna. Pozycja międzynarodowa polskich producentów i prognozy rozwoju rynku do 2026r., Departament Analiz Ekonomicznych