According to data published by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), the food sector in Poland is one of the fundamental and most rapidly growing branches of the economy. Moreover, in the Data & Trends report published in 2022 by the EU Food and Drink Industry, we can read that we are the 7th largest food exporter in the European Union. According to PAIH, in 2021, the value of exports in Poland amounted to 170.8million PLN.

So there is no doubt that the development and digitalization of the food industry, are of great importance to both our country and the countries that import the food we produce.

Why is digitization of the food industry needed?

Countless amounts of data

The food industry must comply with numerous regulations, directives, and other restrictive provisions that set standards for food. These include, among other things, the conditions for producing, transporting or storing beverages and food. For this reason, it is essential to continuously monitoring the validity of documentation and its appropriate distribution to employees.

Control of transported raw materials

To comply with numerous regulations on manufactured food, and to provide consumers with the highest quality products, inspection of incoming goods is crucial. It makes it possible to evaluate the supplier and verify on an ongoing basis the condition in which raw materials are received. This is particularly important in terms of the shelf life of products.

Labeling and identification

Groceries must be uniquely labeled, which makes it easier to later identify, for example, the origin of the product, allows better control over expiration dates and helps keep company records.

Forecasting and production planning

To keep food production running smoothly, careful planning is extremely important. Supply chains and shipping times are taken into consideration, with particular attention being placed on the expiry dates of items. The peculiarity of this sector lies in the relatively short expiration date of manufactured goods, which is why it is so important to carefully plan and monitor production processes.

Digitization of the food industry with Plus Workflow

Regarding the issues that employees in the food industry face daily, we offer a workflow-class IT system that facilitates the management of business processes in the discussed sector.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of realizing many implementations for our clients in the food industry. Below we present selected processes which we have been able to implement, and which will help respond to the most important needs of this economy sector:

  • electronic document archive,
  • the process of substance approval,
  • the process of recipe modification,
  • the process of packaging specifications acceptance,
  • the process of product specification acceptance,
  • the process of submitting requests,
  • the process of sample and new product approval,
  • the process of price list acceptance,
  • management of promotional budgets.

The Plus Workflow system is a comprehensive solution which can help streamline your company’s processes from production, through transportation, to the sale of food products. Our specialists will not only take care of the implementation of the system optimizing processes in your company, but will also help you integrate it with other systems and freely customize it to your company’s individual needs.

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