On Wednesday, the 23rd of October, we had a pleasure to participate in the DocuSign conference about digital signatures. This was the first meeting of this type in Poland, so we are very pleased that we might partake in it and promote the usage of an electronic signature in the Plus Workflow system. The highly safe tool, which may be applied when approving most of the documents.

Basing on the conception “paperless”, Suncode improves the work of enterprises through the implementation of the Plus Workflow system. We try to eliminate paper documents from the offices by introducing new IT solutions, such as an electronic signature. For that reason, during the conference in Warsaw Spire, Tomasz Szlachta presented how to properly use the electronic signature in the Plus Workflow system.

The integration of the Plus Workflow with DocuSign embodies the idea of “an office without paper” and significantly increases the efficiency of business processes.

The DocuSign platform may be implemented to Workflow system, and used for, e.g.

  • processes of contracts reviewing and signing;
  • orders signed remotely;
  • confirmation of receipt of documentation or deliveries;
  • statements of parties and agreements;
  • HR documentation;
  • Customer Applications;
  • intra-organizational documentation: ordinances, ISO 9001 procedures and much more.

An important aspect of the solution is a positive customer experience. This is supported by the constantly growing number of users, which is currently counted in millions. All of these because of the benefits the platform provides.

DocuSign puts security first. Accordingly, the Plus Workflow users participating in the process gain certainty and warranty when signing each page on the document by receiving a confirmation of the identity with a manufacturer’s certificate. This means that the Plus Workflow system has a DocuSign certificate that confirms the electronic signature of a specific document in the system repository.

If you are interested in the solution, please contact us.