The holiday season is yet to come, so it’s time to think about improving the holiday requests process. The Plus Workflow – an electronic system for business processes management, enables the implementation of the electronic flow of holiday requests.

A holiday request refers to any application about holiday submitted to a superior. In accordance with the labor law, each employee has a right to 20 or 26 days of a holiday on a full year’s scale. This period, however, depends on the number of years worked.

The correctly prepared electronic holiday application should consist of several basic elements, ie. employee’s data, name and surname, job position, application date, holiday application along with the detailed date and type of leave.

Electronic holiday requests – comfort for employer and employees

The electronic holiday request is a solution appreciated by both employers and employees. Thanks to the Plus Workflow, a holiday application may be submitted by every user registered in the system. Moreover, as every registered employee has a strictly defined place in the company’s structure, with the assigned department, job position and a superior, the whole process consists only of determining the type of leave and its date. Additionally, the electronic holiday request allows the user to set a replacement in the system. The Plus Workflow automatically enters the data about the applicant and the application’s date. As a result, the system may display current information about the number of days off, remaining to be used.

The next step in the process is confirmation of the replacement, due to which all the tasks from Workflow may be sent to the box of a replacing person. On the next stage, the process goes to the superior who is responsible for the acceptance or rejection of the application. The person responsible for the acceptance has to thoroughly verify the application, along with its date, period and substituting person.

The accepted application is sent to the HR Department where it is registered. Thanks to the integration of the Plus Workflow with the ERP system it is possible to export the data about the employees’ absences from the holiday request process. The user initiating the process receives a notification about the accepted application, and the whole process is ended with the acceptance of the holiday by the employee.

The electronic flow of holiday requests brings tangible benefits both for an employer and the employees. The usage of an IT solution for this process accelerates the management of the application – it is immediately sent to a superior. The acceptance proceeds in accordance with the company’s structure. Another very important advantage is the elimination of all paper prints and their replacement with electronic forms. The Plus Workflow platform works on any web browser, due to which an employee may easily submit an application regardless of time and actual location. This is especially important in companies with a dispersed organizational structure. Moreover, The Plus Workflow system enables the employee to view the history of one’s own holidays – the date, type, and duration of the leave may be checked easily. Extremely important is the fact that the Plus Workflow system automatically calculates the available number of days off for employees, in accordance with applicable law.