Each job advertisement includes information such as a job description – responsibilities and required skills. Little wonder because all the employers have strictly defined expectations to the potential employee. Not all information, however, may be fully verified before hiring a new employee. For this reason, employers often decide to introduce a periodic employee evaluation, which allows them to check whether the employees fulfill their tasks properly. This evaluation can affect many aspects, such as determining the further development path or granting bonuses.

The properly implemented system for periodic employees evaluation has a considerable impact on the effectiveness and quality of work. Additionally, it allows the ongoing monitoring of the employees’ progression and appropriate supporting their professional development.

Periodic employee evaluation with the Plus Workflow

To properly conduct the employee evaluation, it is necessary to establish clear criteria – the evaluation may include, for example, timeliness, knowledge of a foreign language, independence, creativity, or teamwork. However, it all depends on the employer and the position held. The information about evaluation criteria is entered into the system after the approval of the employer and employee.

In Plus Workflow, among others, the following are determined: the percentage of weights between individual competencies and goals, competencies to be assessed, and goals with their individual weights and deadlines.

Importantly, the system monitors on an ongoing basis at what stage of implementation are the individual goals and informs the employee about the upcoming deadlines for their completion. The system user may request a postponement of the completion date of a given purpose or its removal. In this case, the employee is obliged to justify the request, which is then sent to the superior for approval.

After the specified deadline for the implementation of the entrusted goals, the system generates an evaluation sheet, which is then sent to both the employer and the employee. At this stage, both parties have the opportunity to read the spreadsheet and add any remarks and comments. The employer and employee may see the evaluation sheet and prepare for the evaluation meeting if both sides approve and review the document. The employer sends the invitation for the meeting directly from the level of the Plus Workflow system. The manager is obliged to determine the date of the meeting and its form (stationary, by phone, by online communicator).

The next stage is aimed at developing the final version of the evaluation. After the meeting is over, the supervisor determines the result of the interview. In case when both sides agree with the evaluation, it is sent to the employee. In case of discrepancy, the manager may send the evaluation for consultancy to the supervisor.

Importantly, the evaluation includes the employment time and the absences. This data is calculated automatically by the Plus Workflow.

The implementation of the Plus Workflow system for periodic employee evaluation brings many benefits, such as:

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