Each employer is obliged to keep a complete set of employees’ personal files. From 2019, the employer can independently decide whether to store these documents in a traditional or electronic form.

Nowadays, in times of omnipresent digitization, more and more companies decide to digitize their documentation.No wonder, as the implementation of the so-called e-folder brings many benefits for both employers and employees.

E-files of the Plus Workflow system

E-files is a comprehensive solution of the Plus Workflow system that allows employers to digitize personal files and saving them in a safe, electronic archive. The system enables saving the documents from the A, B, C, D parts. Moreover, the user may swiftly search the archive to find essential information or add new documents to an appropriate class.

What is extremely important, the e-folder of the Plus Workflow system complies with all legal requirements. In addition, thanks to the integration with the electronic signature platform, which offers a qualified signature service, it enables documents to be signed with the necessary signature directly from the level of the task form.

To ensure data security, the documents are encrypted on the server, with a special security key, so that no unauthorized person will gain access to it.

The process flow is presented below – just a few clicks!

The process of adding documentation to the e-folder integrated with the qualified signature service

The first step in the process is to enter e-folders. At this stage, the responsible user is required to complete the following fields in the task form:

  • Employee number (automatically assigned by the system);
  • Name;
  • Surname;
  • Personal ID Number.

It is also necessary to complete the table with the documents to be signed. The user adds the attachment to the system, indicates the e-folders part (A, B, C, D), and chooses the document type from a drop-down list. After completing all the required fields, the system sends the process to the next stage to put a qualified signature.

The person responsible for placing the signature opens the task in the Plus Workflow system and verifies the correctness of the data in the form. The user can also preview the attached document. If all data is correct, the user selects the “Sign with qualified signature” button that results in sending the documents to the electronic signature platform.

The user receives an e-mail notification with a link to sign. The user verifies the document and then selects the “Reject” (in case of resignation from the signature) or “Sign” button.

The signed document is re-encrypted and re-sent to Plus Workflow, where it is archived in the appropriate system structures, which completes the process of feeding the e-folder. It is worth noting that the authorized user may find and view the selected document at any time after signing.

Do you have questions about the e-file of the Plus Workflow system? Do not hesitate to contact us!