Enterprises are looking for solutions which may help them to manage the company remotely. The usage of the Plus Workflow system for the management of document flow and business processes brings tangible benefits. The integration with DocuSign platform, which enables putting signatures with the usage of e-signatures, is now one of them. Every person who decides to use this tool will be able to put an electronic signature directly from the Plus Workflow system and send the approved document to the contractor. All of that swiftly, remotely, and eco-friendly.

The law about an electronic signature states that it is an alternative for a handwritten signature. It facilitates commercial and civil law transactions and enables swift communication with public administration authorities. The ability to put a signature via the Internet, especially in the current situation, is highly desirable. It is not only secure but also helps shorten the document approval time. Moreover, the entities may simultaneously get familiar with the document. The document is sent in a process to appropriate people who place their signatures on it. It is worth emphasizing that it is not easy to forge an electronic signature, which makes it a secure solution. In Poland, the electronic signatures are used in the Social Insurance Institution or Revenue offices. Moreover, it helps to save time, and as a result, money. There is no need to print and send documents by post, it is enough to select your signature from the DocuSign platform and place it in the indicated spot.

What document can you sign?

The ability to sign a document in electronic form is regulated by applicable laws. So what documents can we sign in electronic form after integration with DocuSign?

  • HR documentation (inner and regarding cooperation) – such as:
    • mandatory contract,
    • employment contract,
    • preliminary employment contract,
    • employment contract for a probationary period,
    • letter of intent,
    • job description,
    • employee handbook,
    • contract of insurance,
    • the protocol of delivery and acceptance;
    • PIT;
  • Real estate:
    • real estate sale/rental agency agreement,
    • information on changes in fees,
    • rent agreement and others;
  • Civil law contracts:
    • proxy,
    • contract of sale,
    • loan agreement,
    • leasing agreement,
    • guarantee and others;
  • Others:
    • confidentiality agreement,
    • property insurance,
    • personal insurance,
    • deed of partnership.

As the tool gains in popularity, the list of documents keeps increasing.

Use in the Plus Workflow

In the Plus Workflow system, thanks to DocuSign integration, the user can use an electronic signature directly in the BPM system. The document may be signed directly on the form in the process or added to the already created process. In a given process, it is possible to sign several documents simultaneously. DocuSign may be used even without the integration with the Plus Workflow. In this situation, the user adds the document, contractors details, email addresses, and people obliged to place signatures. Afterwards, the accepted document returns to the user. If you are interested and want to obtain more detailed information about the e-signature or its integration with the Plus Workflow, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions and present the possible options.