Most of us were looking forward to the New Year. We hoped for a better, coronavirus-free reality. The beginning of 2021 did not quash the pandemic, and people still need to face new challenges. What could this year mean for business? What changes should we prepare for?

New realities

The new report ‘The Future of the Office Survey’ claims that the vast majority of the CEOs (67%) look to getting back the offices in the middle of the year. The employees, however, are not so eager to come back to desk work. In the survey, they indicated some concerns connected to it, such as fear of getting ill or problems with taking care of children who learn remotely. The managers know that we will never fully revert to the pre-pandemic work mode. The employees expect the possibility of remote or hybrid work more often. The survey conducted among the Nationale Nederlanden employees showed that even 64% of them look more favorably at remote work.

These changes are connected not only with the employees’ expectations. The enterprises and employers also reap the benefits from the home office. Often the increased efficiency, savings resulting from minimizing the number of business trips or office management. It turned out that many companies are doing great while working remotely. The pandemic somehow forced the companies to introduce some new solutions and automate the business processes. As surveys show, people are more sympathetic towards new IT technologies, which is good, as now implementation of IT solutions becomes a necessity.

Trust in new technologies

According to Cedr’s report “Digital Transformation in Europe” commissioned by eToro, almost 90% of respondents want to increase the level of digitization in sectors such as energy, media, and finance. Moreover, 87% of Poles admitted the positive impact of technology on their life. For this reason, digitization is a priority, and the best step in this direction is choosing the Workflow system. Thanks to it, the repetitive actions may be easily automated. The Plus Workflow platform is also prepared for a variety of new functionalities. Among them, we may list the following ones: applying for remote work, booking desks and parking spaces at the workplace, or reporting about the tasks performed from home. It is worth preparing for the coming future and entrusting the development of the company to experienced people. Do not hesitate to contact as via email ( or phone (+48 661 071 068, +48 667 101 722, +48 (61) 8200-449).