The beginning of the year, due to the pandemic, introduced some chaos in the functioning of many enterprises. Employees had to reorganize their own work, while superiors had to find a solution that would enable everyone to perform their duties. Even though remote work is nothing new, it was the lockdown that brought out the shortcomings in the organizational structure of many companies. It also indicated the direction in which the companies should follow to develop and prepare for remote management.

Even the cessation of the pandemic will not end the already introduced changes. The report published by the PwC company states that up to 74% of enterprises plan to increase the scope of duties performed remotely by the employees, even after the pandemic. The report “the family of the future” realized by DELab UW agrees with this statement. Around 50% of respondents claim that they still work remotely, whereas only 40% of Poles got back to the office. It resulted in an urgent need to implement IT solutions enabling remote company management and initiating new business processes. New reality raised new needs for enterprises. However, these are investments that will pay dividends. BPM systems, such as Plus Workflow, are the perfect solution for the current needs of entrepreneurs.

The Plus Workflow system not only reduces the number of documents processed in the traditional form and increases the importance of electronic signatures, but it is also a response to new business processes imposed on entrepreneurs by the pandemic. These include applying for remote work or accounting for and reporting duties performed remotely. Currently, the processes responsible for booking parking spaces, booking desks at the workplace, and posting information about the employee’s body temperature have been launched. Without performing these tasks, the employee cannot work from the office. All the new functionalities can be found in the Plus Workflow.

We should make a mental note – this is just the beginning of the changes forced by the pandemic. Even though it is not easy, we should focus on the positives – increased work efficiency, lower labor and maintenance costs. Remember – every cloud has a silver lining.

If you have other process suggestions, maybe your company needs other functionalities, we’ll be happy to talk about it. Please contact us.