Companies worldwide are aware of the importance of reducing paper documentation in their daily work, both for business and ecological reasons. As a reason, in compliance with the Paperless idea, the companies more often decide to implement solutions for document, and the entire enterprise, digitization. This type of approach brings tangible benefits, such as a reduction in the number of sheets of paper, an increase in data security, and a limitation of management-related costs.

Electronic document flow – facts and myth(s)


Electronic document flow is a system whose task is to improve the flow of documentation and information between employees. It enables the efficient flow of information between company departments, ongoing monitoring and updating of documents, and their archiving in the safe system structures. Moreover, the suitably implemented system for the electronic document flow ensures perpetual access to saved data from any location and device with access to the Internet.


According to the research conducted by Digital Poland, up to 53% of interviewees claimed that electronic document flow is insecure and the data may get into the wrong hands.

This is not true. Electronic document flow systems must make good on a lot of security requirements. Documents are properly encrypted with a special key, and only authorized users have access to them. The system must also meet all the requirements of the GDPR.


The implementation of the electronic document flow system may improve the information flow in a company and, as pointed out by 80% of interviewees by Digital Poland, speed up the exchange of documents. In addition, the respondents (78%) rightly indicated that the solution reduces paper consumption, which has a positive effect on the environment.

Electronic document flow with the Plus Workflow

Suncode offers its customers an electronic BPM document workflow and archiving system – Plus Workflow.

The system is comprehensive and modern, but most importantly, safe. What is also important, it is flexible and can be freely adapted to the requirements of our clients. The user can use the standard version of the system that allows managing the entire documentation of the company in the basic scope or use additional modules adapted to the company’s business profile. Regardless of the selected variant, the system allows you to manage business processes and documents, design new processes, or create e-documents and archive content.

Clearly, the data is stored in secure system structures, in compliance with the mandatory legal provisions of Polish law (including the GDPR).

The Plus Workflow system for electronic document flow offers tangible benefits, including:

  • Improving communication within the company;
  • Securing documents against loss or damage;
  • Backup capability;
  • Cost minimization;
  • Elimination of the so-called human error;
  • Improving the search for desired information;
  • Reduction in paper consumption;
  • Uninterrupted access to information from any location.

As you can see, you should not be afraid of modern solutions, such as electronic document flow. Such implementation increases data security, speeds up information flow, minimizes processes-related costs and the possibility of human-error occurrence.

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