The Plus Workflow system has a functionality that allows the users to sign documents in electronic form via the platform for placing a qualified signature or a qualified stamp. It depends on the customers which solution they will use, but regardless of whether it will be a signature or a stamp, the whole process takes place with just a few clicks! It is simple, intuitive, and, most importantly, safe.

After reviewing a document in the Plus Workflow system, it may be stamped with a qualified stamp directly in the system using the Szafir library or sent to the Autenti electronic signature platform or DocuSign, where the signature/stamp is placed.

The person responsible for the document, working in the Plus Workflow system, can keep track of the signature completion statuses and monitor the stage at which a given document is. After collecting the signatures of all the required persons, the document returns to the Plus Workflow system, where it is properly archived.

Importantly, the processed data is properly secured. This functionality allows signing documents swiftly regardless of location or used device.

Figure 1. Scheme of placing a signature/stamp on electronic documents

This solution brings many benefits:

  • Acceleration of activities;
  • Reduction of costs related to printing, sending, and signing documents in paper form;
  • Data safety;
  • Cost minimization;
  • Possibility to sign documents from any location 24/7.

Do you want to learn more about signatures and electronic stamps that allow you to sign documents from the Plus Workflow system? Do not hesitate and contact us today (!