In the era of mobile devices, an increased number of people resolve to use the solutions available from their smartphones. The smartphone may now replace a wallet, computer, and even to some extent, a bank. As smartphones provide a wide spectrum of functionalities, they became an inherent part of everyday life. By virtue of them, people may participate in teleconferences, make appointments, or even plan their business trips. It is a perfect solution when someone cannot be in the office, but needs to complete an urgent task. That is why solutions accessible from mobile phones are appreciated around the world.

There is no doubt that Plus Mobile, which enables access to the Plus Workflow system from a smartphone level, will be appreciated by the system users. In order to take advantage of the solution, it is enough to download the Plus Workflow application via the dedicated mobile store and log in. After that, the users obtain access to all the capabilities of the BPMN system and may receive notifications about a new task directly on their mobiles. All this for the convenience of the users.

This solution definitely streamlines the operations of our system. Thanks to this, it is possible to review tasks, accept or reject applications, and even use the electronic signature platform, such as DocuSign, in order to sign contracts and other documents. All this can be easily done while traveling, at home or even on vacation. Moreover, the remote execution of the essential tasks eliminates downtime in the performed work.

The functionalities of the mobile application:

  • remembering username and password,
  • automatic login to the system after proper application configuration,
  • browsing the user’s task inbox,
  • performing tasks in the user’s inbox – accepting or rejecting them,
  • displaying documents attached to the workflows and comments,
  • sending information about a new task to the phone’s inbox.

We know how important is quick access to data regardless of the physical location of the users. That is why we decided to introduce the Plus Mobile solution, which optimizes the work of companies by the usage of new technologies.

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