The SaaS model is the provision of software as a service. Because all the data is stored in the cloud, it is a perfect solution for small businesses that do not have their own servers. The service provider is responsible for the proper storage of data and the smooth functioning of the software. For this reason, when deciding to implement this solution, you should choose a reliable supplier who will ensure efficient implementation, data security, and compliance of the solution with the requirements of the law (including GDPR).

The use of the SaaS model enables all companies to access the Plus Workflow system, regardless of their resources. In this model, the Customer is not obliged to install additional programs on the company’s computers. The system is installed on Suncode servers located in a secure data center.

Importantly, the Plus Workflow system available in the SaaS model has the same scope of functionality as the system implemented on the client’s server.

The use of this solution brings many benefits for customers who do not have their own servers, including:

  • No need to invest in new hardware and software;
  • No server maintenance costs;
  • Security of processed data;
  • Access to the system 24/7 from any Internet browser;
  • Responsibility for the software on the supplier’s side;
  • Quick implementation of the solution;
  • Scalability of the system.

If you want to introduce a comprehensive system for electronic document flow and automation of business processes in your company, but do not have your own servers, contact us today! We will be happy to answer any questions and adjust the solution to your individual needs.