The Plus Workflow and Plus DMS systems are used in multiple trades, facilitating document management processes. The Plus Workflow enables archiving of export, transit, and import customs documents in the configured electronic archive, which provides essential security. The archiving process of customs documents has been implemented in one of the largest logistics companies in Poland. The enterprise has 70 custom agencies, and the implemented system proceeds about 25,000 customs documents and 2,000 invoices per month.

The implementation was aimed at providing control and fast access to the documents regarding the conducted customs clearances. An authorized person scans a set of customs documents using the multifunctional device available in the office. The system collects and archives downloaded documents from external systems that support the offices of customs agencies. The image of the generated document contains a unique barcode with an MRN number, which constitutes a document identifier. Moreover, in order to ensure information security, the multifunctional device saves the scanned files in a location accessible to the Plus Workflow system.

Subsequent actions are launched automatically. The Plus Index application downloads the file, separates it into particular components by the usage of a barcode, and then saves their images in an electronic archive of the documents – Plus DMS. After archiving the components, the Plus Workflow automatically downloads the data describing the set from the shared database, basing on the MRN number. What is more, thanks to Plus Mail, the Plus Workflow system may send a notification with a prompt to complete the missing information in documents prepared for archiving.

When managing these types of documents, it is very important to ensure data security. The Plus Workflow system, along with the integrated archive of documents, guarantees security and significantly reduces the workload related to archiving, printing, and sending the customs documents. Furthermore, the system implementation meaningfully streamlines the process of customer service for customs agencies and the performance of individual activities by employees.