Suncode introduces the newest solution in the cloud computing model. The Plus Workflow business processes and documents management system is available in outsourcing, so it is offered in Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The application of the SaaS model enables, all companies regardless of their size and resources, access the system. Due to that, even a client who fails to possess one’s own servers may implement business processes management system. Importantly, the system is installed on Suncode’s servers, in a safe data center.

The Workflow class systems are aimed at automating the business processes during which the documents, information, and tasks are transferred between the users. All of that in order to perform the tasks in accordance with the set of formulated rules. Consequently, the modern enterprise management requires IT support of business processes with the purpose of improving their effectiveness.

The implementation of the Plus Workflow system brings many benefits to enterprises. These include, for example, streamlining document flow, coordinating process flows, eliminating worthless activities, faster task searching in the process and the ability to check its status. The mentioned benefits refer only to the Plus Workflow system. However, it is worth adding the benefits resulting from the SaaS model implementation. There are as follows: considerable savings resulting from the lack of need to invest in hardware and software, lack of server maintenance-related costs, data security, access to the system from any browser regardless of location and time. Due to that, the whole implementation cost decreases significantly.

The functionalities of the system in the cloud are the same as the licensed Plus Workflow system. The integration with other, external systems of, for instance, the ERP class is also possible. Each process will be adjusted to the individual clients’ needs. Moreover, every customer has the possibility to launch the selected modules enriching the basic Plus Workflow system.

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