The University of Technology in Poznań is one of the leading technical universities in Poland.

Poznan University of Technology offers education in unique engineering fields (e.g., automatics and robotics, or aviation and astronautics) and rich resources enabling the adaptation of the transferred knowledge. Its graduates are competent and eager to work.

Process optimization — theoretical and practical knowledge

Suncode, as the leader in the automatization and optimization of business processes, supports young and gifted minds.

In September, we started a cooperation with Poznań University of Technology, resulting in the opening of the Plus Workflow laboratory at the Engineering Management faculty.

From now on, students may use the best tool for professional business process design in Poland. They also will have a chance to acquire practical skills in business process modeling.

After giving our program’s license over to the university, the system was installed on the university servers.

Suncode trainers also conducted a professional training course for university employees. During it, they learned about up-to-date process modeling solutions, which later they will pass on to their students.

The Plus Workflow system is available for students in computer rooms. The system will be used in didactic classes, the main goal of which will be to develop skills in the field of business process modeling and their practical implementation within the system.

By combining theoretical knowledge with practice, participants of the classes gain proficiency in optimizing business processes and electronic document circulation. The use of the Plus Workflow system as an educational tool allows students to familiarize themselves with the digitized environment of an enterprise.

We hope that by sharing our knowledge and experience with the next generation, we will contribute to creating the future of enterprise automation.

We keep our fingers crossed and wish you the best of luck in the new academic year!