We are pleased to inform you that the Plus Workflow business process management system is still being developed about further domain modules, which support the management of the companies’ overall information system. This implies that the Plus Workflow is becoming a system that not only effectively supports the management of business processes but also other areas of enterprises that, until now, have not been computerized or based on fundamental computer programs, such as spreadsheet or text editor.

At the moment, Suncode has already provided over a dozen of the Plus Workflow modules. However, we do not rest on our laurels, as there are multiple other modules in the development. Among the dozens of modules, the following ones seem to be the most popular among our clients:

  • Plus Budget (eBudgets) – allows customers to efficiently manage budgets resulting from trade agreements and trade marketing budgets that companies allocate on sales support. The Plus Budget enables online monitoring of budget utilization. The Plus Budget mechanisms enable measuring the incurred costs and predicting the level of the forthcoming cost. It is possible thanks to the promotional applications submitted in the system that regard the future promotions. The built-in set of analyzes and reports in the budgeting module allows for ongoing tracking of the investment level and cooperation with individual recipients. The Plus Budgets software is adjusted to the distributed structure of Sales Departments – access to the platform is independent of location via any device with an internet browser. The use of the electronic flow of documents in the scope of the promotional applications and electronic workflow of commercial invoices allows for quick sending of electronic invoice images (scans or PDF files) between the Sales Department and the Accounting Department. The mechanisms in the system constantly monitor at what stage of acceptance is the invoice. These solutions allow faster settlement of invoices and thus can accelerate the flow of receivables from contractors.
  • Plus Archive – it is a comprehensive traditional archive management module from the IT system level. The Plus Archive is a solution integrated with the Plus Workflow, enabling registration of resources (Portfolios and binders), their overview and search, renting, as well as barcode identification of the archive structure (e.g. shelves). The module allows for reflection of the traditional document archive, wit te possibility of prompting te location of traditional documents, and their matching with electronic counterparts processed in the Plus Workflow system. The described module is equipped in manual, wireless barcode terminal, barcode printer, as well as document scanning station “on-demand” (optional).
  • Plus ISO – the module is created in order to store and manage all ISO 9001 system documentation according to the appropriate structure of documents required by the standard (quality manual, processes, procedures, instructions, legal requirements, etc.). The module allows authorized access as well as a strictly defined path of acceptance of documents introducing changes in the ISO system. The module also enables graphic designing of the company’s organizational structure, company process maps and detailed maps of individual processes that can be reflected in the Plus Workflow. The full version of the module has been available since the fourth quarter of 2014.
  • Plus Assets – the module is intended for recording fixed assets located in the enterprise. The fixed assets registry system stores information about the purchased assets that are in the organization’s equipment. Plus Assets module gives the ability to control all the company’s equipment. In the registers, there is information about the user who is the current owner of a given device. There is also available the data about the previous devices’ owners. The system also enables wealth management (e.g. sale, transfer, withdrawal). The Plus Assets works on the basis of a designed map of the process. All the actions (registration of a new center, transfer, withdrawal, and sale) take place in accordance with the modeled path, e.g. after registering new equipment, the task is sent to the indicated owner in order to accept the acceptance of the new equipment. It is equipped with a number of reports enabling the analysis of the state of fixed assets in the enterprise.
  • Plus Time Sheet – it is dedicated to designing companies that enable the recording of employees’ working time on individual projects implemented by the company in various cross-sections. Thanks to this solution, every authorized user “online” is able to verify labor consumption dedicated to a given project and the number of hours performed by individual employees. This module also has interface for external HR systems, in order to perform further HR and project calculations in external systems.

We would like to encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full capabilities of the Plus Workflow platform, not only in terms of business processes but also modules that support domain-specific areas and companies in a single common environment.