The system of electronic flow of documents enables effective costs and purchase structure management.

Making the company’s purchases is an indispensable part of the everyday work of many employees.

In order to improve these activities, the purchase process of the Plus Workflow system is available. This solution allows for controlling the purchases directly in the IT system. The Plus Workflow electronic document flow system enables submitting requests for the purchase of specific goods or services, as well as their accepting and realizing.

An authorized user is, therefore, able to submit an application for the purchase of e.g. office supplies, cleaning or production materials. The user is obliged to pinpoint the purchase position i.e. product name, number, and prices, and choose the supplier. The Plus Workflow system allows specifying the expected delivery date. Moreover, the employee responsible for ordering a purchase may attach any document to the process, e.g. description or product’s picture.

In the next stages, the process is sent to the superior’s acceptance and, if the need arises, to the following people responsible for the acceptance. This stage is aimed at verification of the application, and its acceptance or rejection.

After passing the acceptance path, the process is sent to people responsible for the purchase (e.g. purchasing department). The responsible person needs to submit the purchase requisition for the selected goods. The Plus Workflow system enables generating order print, which may be sent to the supplier. After delivering the products, the process needs to be ended by the person requesting the purchase.

The implementation of the purchase requisition process supports ordering procedures connected with the realization of the company’s purchases. The Plus Workflow system stores the information about all the launched processes, due to what the people managing the enterprise have insight into the structure of incurred costs. The use of electronic purchase circulation helps standardize the implementation of the process in all departments of the company. As a result, this system is a good solution for companies with dispersed structures. Submitting purchase applications by an employee is much simpler, whereas the processes may be implemented much faster.