On November, 19-21, we had the pleasure to participate in the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. It is the only event that connects global companies, the world of science and entrepreneurs from around the world. The event aims to modernize and increase the efficiency of cities and their infrastructure by introducing the latest IT technologies.


This was another edition of the conference, which has already taken place in several countries across different continents. Importantly, about 400 companies, enterprises, and city representatives, who wanted to establish cooperation, exchange opinions, and ideas on development, came to participate in the event. The motto of the Smart City – Zero Waste, was omnipresent during this event. The speakers tried to teach how to use and not waste what the world, city or community offers us, and make people aware of the importance of recycling.


Our slogan – paperless, fits perfectly into the zero waste principle and environmental protection. Thanks to the cooperation of Suncode with DocuSign, which also actively participates in environmental protection, it is possible to reduce water consumption or CO2 air pollution. Thus, the use of the Plus Workflow system for automation of business processes, along with a digital signature, is the solution enabling saving natural resources and protecting the environment.

The main topics that were discussed during the Smart City Expo were:

– digital transformation

– urban environment,

– mobility,

– management and finance,

– more social cities.


Thank you for your interest in our Plus Workflow product. All conversations were very educative and productive, as even the smallest suggestion may help us to develop the Plus Workflow system and adjust it to the customer needs. In the era of automation and efficiency improvement, a system for the electronic flow of documents seems to be a must-have for every enterprise. If you also want to manage processes, know where a particular invoice is, or sign contracts from anywhere, be sure to contact us. We will be glad to present all the benefits of the Plus Workflow system.