Last Tuesday we had the pleasure to participate in the 8th edition of the Information Capture Conference in Berlin. The event was organized by PFU (EMEA) Limited from the Fujitsu family, which offers advanced technologies in the field of information management. The participation in the happening helped us to raise competences and stay up to date with the possibilities of digital transformation, combined with the potential of the latest scanning and software. All of that in order to improve our Plus Workflow platform and to enable a global flow of knowledge.


Awareness of opportunities emerging from investing in the latest technologies and IT solutions is continually growing among Polish entrepreneurs. Nine out of ten domestic companies already discern the potential of these alterations. The fear of digital transformation is superseded by the explicit and strong desire to introduce conveniences. Among multiple benefits from the transformation, it is essential to mention not only a modern approach to work but also noticeable ROI. According to the ICAN Research institute, the percentage of companies that notice a return on investment has increased, from 73% in 2018 to 89% in 2019. The trend is therefore promising.

However, it is still far from perfect. In order to be competitive, companies often significantly reduce the price of the offered goods and services. It cannot, though, be a permanent situation. For the purpose of maintaining a good position on the market, the need to invest in the latest technologies is escalating. Mistakes or delays in implementation are issues that are not easily forgiven by the customers. Moreover, they may take their toll, and contribute to a decrease in sales. In order to analyze, control and consciously manage the enterprise, it is worth selecting IT solutions at the earliest possible date.

PFU (EMEA) Limited

PFU Limited is owned by Fujitsu Limited (Japan) and distributes Fujitsu scanners. The company offers a wide spectrum of document scanners for professional, stationary use and for workgroups in multi-series production and network enterprises. Importantly, it is one of the leading companies in the field of document scanners in the world. The enterprise has been present on the market for nearly 25 years, due to which is an experienced IT supplier (programs, equipment, devices). In addition, it generates an annual turnover of over USD 1 billion. By the virtue of the use of OCR technologies and scanners, users may save time, avoiding errors or duplicates. Furthermore, they obtain full control over the paper archive.


By investing in a Workflow solution, a company may notice an immediate ROI, while saving employee time, personal resources and gaining an additional value – the electronic archive. From the moment of implementation, every document entered into the platform is available at your fingertips if needed. Simultaneously, we try to eliminate paper archives in accordance with the idea “paperless”. By the virtue of the usage of electronic signature authorized people may access the system’s resources from any location, and therefore approve documents whenever it is necessary.

Thank you for a very inspiring conference and many captivating lectures. We will definitely learn our lesson from all the conversations and speeches, and try to improve the Plus Workflow system to meet all the current requirements of the market.