Inadequate business processes management – the lack of their precise definition and order, leads to disorganization in the functioning of an enterprise. This can not only cause downtime, but also increase the company’s costs of completing tasks.

Business process modeling is reliable support in this area, as it allows for a visual representation of the course of a given business process and verification of its correctness. For this purpose, it is worth using one of the most common standards of process notation – BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation). The process model created in this notation enables a more accurate understanding of the process and its optimization and automation.

Plus Workflow Editor – business process modeling in the BPMN notation

The Plus Workflow system for the electronic document flow and the management of business processes enables users to independently launch any document workflow, thanks to the built-in business process editor – Plus Workflow Editor.

The distinguishing factor of the Plus Workflow Editor is the fact that it is a low-code platform in which every user, even without advanced programming knowledge, may model a new business process.

How is this possible?

The user builds new processes and forms using field types already available in the system (text field, drop-down list, dynamic table, etc.). Moreover, the user can design the layout of fields and buttons on the task form thanks to the Drag & Drop functionality – by simply dragging and dropping interesting icons/buttons/tables to the indicated spot on the task form.

What capabilities does the business process modeler from Suncode offer?

The built-in business process editor has many functionalities, such as:

  • The module enables drawing maps in a graphical process editor and validating their correctness;
  • The user can model serial and parallel processes. S/he may also define deadlines for tasks, add and configure automatic tasks to the process;
  • Process editor has the functionality of automatic form generation based on the fields and approval buttons added to the task;
  • Modeler allows the user to manually arrange fields, and buttons on the task form and specify the size and position of their labels;
  • Users can build processes and forms using predefined field types (e.g., text field, drop-down list, dynamic table, etc.);
  • The Plus Workflow Editor dynamically generates a preview of the emerging form;
  • Process modeling tool performs package (map) validation during the uploading and refreshing;
  • Process administrators can manage process versions: view previous process versions, comment on changes made to the map, and check who and when made modifications.

The Plus Workflow is a comprehensive system that optimizes and automates the business processes of enterprises. Additionally, thanks to the flexibility of the solution, it can be tailored to the individual needs of each customer, regardless of the area of activity of the company.

Designing and starting new processes in the Plus Workflow system is very simple! Find out yourself.

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