Under Polish law, entrepreneurs are required to keep records of fixed assets. According to the article 3 sec. 1 point 15, these include ‘tangible fixed assets and equipment, with an expected useful life of more than one year, complete, fit for use, and indented for the entity’s needs’, which amount passes 10 000 PLN. However, more and more companies decide to record the overall equipment of the company, including mobile phones, workwear, printers, etc. For this reason, a system that enables comprehensive administration of the equipment and fixed assets management process turns out to be necessary.

Device registration and failure reporting in the Plus Workflow

Suncode knows how important is the automation and optimization of business processes, including the equipment management process. As a result, the Plus Workflow system has been enriched with modules that enable comprehensive management of this process.

This solution minimizes the risk of error occurrence and reduces the duration of specific tasks in the process, including the registration of devices and failure reporting. Thanks to Plus Workflow, all information on specific equipment, such as the identification number, inspection dates, or the course of the repair process, are saved in one place and available to authorized users from any device, from the level of a web browser, 24/7.

Device card in the Plus Workflow system

An authorized user can create the device card, i.e., an electronic form containing all technical data, such as the planned dates of services or the user who currently exploits the device. It is enough to register the selected item of equipment by providing the required data in the system form, such as:

  • Device name;
  • Type;
  • Serial number;
  • Location;
  • Manufacturer;
  • Year of production;
  • Launch date;
  • Destination;
  • The date of the next service.

From the level of a device card, a user can report a failure, deregister the device, or order a periodic service or repair. It is also worth noting that each registered device has its own identification number, generated automatically by the system.

Reporting a failure from the Plus Workflow level

If the device fails, the user can immediately report this fact to the appropriate person directly from the Plus Workflow system. Thanks to this solution, an employee may check the undertaken actions and monitor costs of repair. What’s more, the history of performed activities is recorded in the electronic form of the device card, which gives full knowledge about a given piece of equipment, its documentation, or actions taken as part of services and repairs.

The implementation of the Plus Workflow system, in the scope of the overall equipment of the company, brings tangible benefits. It improves the flow of information between employees, minimizes the risk of human error occurrence, reduces costs, and increases control over the equipment and its exploitation.

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