Everybody appreciates the remote work and systems which make it possible. An additional advantage is the possibility to initiate new tasks and discharge one’s duty from a mobile phone. An employee may forward an agreement for signature, consult documents or start the settlement process of invoices. Such functionality is available in the Plus Workflow. Don’t you believe it? Read the detailed information and convince yourself that such a solution is really possible.

Plus Workflow Mobile

The Plus Workflow Mobile is the latest edition of the mobile application. It requires a direct connection to Plus Workflow, via VPN – on mobile devices, or via the Nginx server. However, it is determined during the configuration. The application enables realizing the business processes and tasks but also signing documents via the electronic key. Thanks to the Plus DocuSign, it is possible for a user to approve a document and sign it directly on mobile. The Plus Workflow Mobile is full functionality of the forms in a mobile form – the possibility to initiate new processes or add documents by taking a picture. In the application, the user can also check what documents have been added to the process, view comments, or add his/her own. The form of licensing depends on the number of users. A full description can be found in our store.

Plus Mobile Scan

The Plus Mobile Scan module enables entering the documents into the electronic flow of documents, regardless of location.  A simple and intuitive solution that will definitely accelerate remote work. The communication may occur via email received on a dedicated inbox. Thanks to that, the mail automatically launches a new process and the appropriate flow for a received document. A user may also attach the documents to the process using QR codes.  The application does not require connection with the Plus Workflow. The user determines what type of document it is and may fill in the indexes, such as dates or amounts, indicated by the system. It is possible to modify, change, or delete the types of indexes. The modifications may be performed on a mobile device. Moreover, the sent documents are automatically archived in the Plus Workflow. The application is available on the Apple Store or Google Play, free of charge.

All applications are compatible with IOS and Android systems. If you are interested in our possibilities in the field of mobile work, please contact us.