Invoice management

The implementation of the purchase requisition process, along with the related process of invoices approval, allows controlling costs and their compliance with the planned budgets. When an invoice is consistent with an order, the Plus Workflow system reduces workload associated with accepting the invoice, eliminating errors related to its description. All these elements contribute to cost reduction. In the area of purchase management, the Plus Workflow system is used to optimize and automate all the required activities, from submitting a purchase request to sending an invoice.

  • Submitting purchase requests
  • Budget planning and control
  • Combining invoices with orders
  • Budgeting and procurement control
  • Prepayment service process
  • The electronic flow of cost invoices
  • Process of orders to suppliers
  • Acceptance, account assignment and archiving of invoices

Human Resource Management (HR)

In the scope of recruiting and hiring new employees, the Plus Workflow enables implementing a full process, including applying for the creation of a new position, collecting candidates’ applications, conducting an interview, preparing a contract with an employee and completing a clearance slip. Additionally, the e-Portfolio functionality allows for collecting full employees’ documentation. The use of the Plus Workflow system in HR departments contributes significantly to the reduction of costs related to human resources management and, most importantly, to the increase in the identification of employees with the organization and their involvement in the realized activities.

  • Submission and acceptance of holiday requests
  • Settlement of domestic and foreign business trips
  • Employment and periodic evaluation of employees
  • Employee documents in the form of an e-Portfolio
  • The application process for employee advances
  • Acceptance process of employees’ bonuses
  • The process of creating a bonus period
  • The process of employees’ absence
Operating costs reduced by
Satisfied users of Plus Workflow
Savings resulting from electronic archiving

Administration and contracts

In this area, the Plus Workflow system supports the record and distribution of all the incoming and outgoing documents within the organization. It is also a tool that allows preparing and archiving all the documentation, including contracts. Moreover, it enables reviewing these contracts before the final version is prepared.

  • The process of creating, reviewing and archiving of contracts
  • Process of recording fixed and low-value assets
  • Reservation of conference rooms

Support of office processes

In this area, the Plus Workflow system supports not only archiving of contracts and its attachments but also more complicated and time-consuming activities.

  • Distribution of incoming correspondence
  • Record of outgoing correspondence
  • Registration and archiving of documents

Other areas

Sales and marketing

In the area of sales and marketing, Plus Workflow assists a wide range of business processes, such as acceptance of commercial offers or electronic distribution of sales invoices to contractors. What's more, Plus Workflow systematizes the process of granting mercantile credit, developing, accepting and electronic archiving of product and marketing materials’ specifications.


The production process covers activities from the preparation of technology constructions, through internal transport, to the production of the finished product. The Plus Workflow system provides support in such areas as production, assembly and transport process management, distribution of workplace instructions, notifications of warehouse inconsistencies or quality complaints.

Quality management

The Workflow class system enables reflection of a series of traditional procedures performed as part of the quality management system. In this regard, Plus Workflow supports the assessment and publication of quality management documentation. Additionally, it facilitates the process of reporting the implementation of corrective and preventive actions, internal audit processes, management through goals and more.


The processes of planning, implementing and managing the efficient flow of products and information in a company are extremely important from the point of view of the company. In order to improve this area, Plus Workflow supports, among others, the process of transport management, the process of verifying transport suppliers, the process of ordering parts on the production hall, the process of verifying vehicle mileage and archiving logistic documents, including delivery documents or Stock Issue Confirmation (CI)