All dokuments placed in secure system structures are properly protected. Any user who has access to the circulation system dokuments in the company, can verify them remotely, from anywhere. This tool is useful for archiving documentation, including personal files and complaints.

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Plus DMS – electronic document archive

The Plus DMS module is an electronic document repository that allows you to store documents in safe and efficient system structures,
regardless of the business processes implemented. Thanks to this solution, every user has access to critical information contained in documents
from a web browser. The electronic archive can be used for scanning and archiving a set of client documents,
i.e. application, contract, declaration, complaints, correspondence, invoices, personal files or product documentation and others.


  • the system can work with many scanning devices at the same time.
  • A scanning application is required to work with scanners.
  • the Plus Directory Monitor module is required to work with multifunctional devices.


Scanning applications

This is a module that allows you to send invoices accepted in the Plus Workflow system. Data from the invoice are read using OCR technology. This solution reduces the workload associated with registering an invoice, and the customer settles for the number of invoices.

It is an independent application that enables scanning, improving the quality of scanned documents and exporting documents to external systems, including Plus Workflow. Kofax products are available in three versions: Kofax Express, Kofax Capture and Kofax VRS.

A solution designed to obtain data from various types of documents using OCR. The application is able to learn how to read data while working. Thanks to this, subsequent invoices are scanned with greater efficiency.

The advanced and complete application allows you to read data from both the header and the invoice item, using business logic. It is also equipped with an intelligent learning mechanism. This contributes to increasing the efficiency of the application.

The most important functions of Plus DMS include:

  • immediate access to the desired document or their entire set from a web browser in accordance with the search criteria,
  • advanced document search methods – full-text search, based on barcode values, etc.,
  • electronic archiving of scanned documents – both in production installations (e.g. scanning 1,000,000 pages per month) and in individual installations,
  • verification, versioning and quality control of documents,
  • archiving all types of electronic documents (e.g. MS Office, PDF, XML),
  • user authorization, document and transmission encryption, as well as a unique document storage management concept,
  • ability to use user profiles and appearances according to available templates,
  • building any reports and statistics,
  • interfaces to external IT systems (e.g. ERP, Workflow, CRM),
  • full set of SDK development tools,
  • independence from the operating and hardware platform.

Plus DMS - electronic document repository