Multiple factors determine if the enterprise works and develops properly. Not only a high-quality product but also a well-planned development strategy do decide whether the business is successful. Business process modeling allows analyzing your company’s matters and setting them on the right track. By setting the permanent path of progress, you may organize your daily tasks and verify their course. This results in a quick achievement of the previously set goal, and the effects are visible immediately after introducing changes. The expected results may vary, e.g., the increase or maintenance of profits, development, expansion, restructuration, improvement of communication between employees, or unification of standards.

For the business processes modeling are responsible the qualified specialists. Companies often decide to hire the specialist from outside the organization. It has its rational justification, as the external companies, such as Suncode, have properly trained teams and ensure services at the highest level. This allows us to offer our clients comprehensive, multi-pronged support on various levels – introduction to the world of technological innovations, implementation of new solutions, scientific research, or digitization using the BPM system. All of that is possible thanks to the consultants’ knowledge, years of experience, and modern tools.

Business processes modeling – a definition

Business Process Modeling refers to all the activities undertaken by the analysts to control and fit the suitable models facilitating company functioning. They act dynamically, speedily reacting to the market changes and new trends. It allows them to implement suitable modernizations that enhance the current company condition and are favorable for its development. Currently, many companies do not wonder whether it is worth systematizing the management of business processes but how to do it properly. Suncode comes to the rescue – by suggesting simpler solutions, following the idea of paperless, simplifying complicated. We have been successfully implementing our mission for years, using the knowledge and experience of specialists in many fields. We approach our clients’ matters with passion and commitment, as evidenced by numerous recommendations. By joining them, you will gain a package of tools that will visibly transfer to an increase in the company’s productivity. Business processes modeling will provide support on many levels, thanks to methods proven and improved by us.

Business processes modeling – methods

Over the years, we have been actively implementing solutions that have enabled our clients to digitize and optimize their activities, e.g., the process of electronic document flow. We use proven and effective methods and the latest trends of the IT world. A dynamically changing market is a challenge for our experts. However, thanks to their open minds and the will to hone their knowledge, the Suncode specialists may modify the solutions in the following areas:

  • software – implementation, and service,
  • project and process management,
  • quality confirmed by certificates,
  • simulations,
  • streamlining procedures.

One of the most important elements of modeling is simplifying the management of complex processes. It enables the enterprise to realize its mission and fight for its position on the market without the necessity to focus on time-consuming tasks related to controlling the stock level, placing orders, or reporting results. The unification of the standards of the management or interpretation of the documentation is important. Especially in the case of dynamically developing companies, where there is a need for close cooperation of several organizational units. The business processes modeling in the enterprises may be performed in one of the mentioned ways:

  • descriptive – based on the accumulated insights on the functioning of the enterprise and indicating the best directions for further development;
  • explanatory – based on listing rational arguments and creating understandable connections or relationships between them;
  • normative – assuming the preparation of a set of guidelines and rules to improve the efficiency of processes.

Regardless of the adapted work method, it is essential to remember the basic goal, which is the creation of unambiguous, systematized, and understandable procedures. The message availability and clarity are pivotal. That is why we offer our Client the graphic process modeling studio that enables them to create new workflow projects. The Plus Workflow Editor allows the user to launch a new document flow without any help. A clear interface is another advantage that will be appreciated not only by the supporters of minimalist and intuitive programs.

Business processes modeling – goals and application areas

The companies more often start to understand the necessity to implement the business processes modeling system.  People with vision, passion, and openness to changes and development. They come for us to find the tools that will allow them to realize their plans and optimize business management. Our common goal is:

  • implementation of the organizational changes in the selected company departments or the entire organization,
  • better control over current activities,
  • efficient implementation of new procedures, products, services, but also employees,
  • better communication between employees,
  • faster detection of areas that are ineffective and do not generate profits,
  • assigning employees and/or units to perform specific tasks for which they will be responsible.

We value an individual approach to the client as each has different goals and faces different problems. We guarantee that we find the best, personalized solutions perfectly adjusted to the needs and values of your company. It is crucial that the introduced changes are not of a one-off size but bring long-term effects. The changes visible from the beginning of the co-operation are the best motivation for all the employees.

Business process modeling – tools

We operate on many levels to make sure that the modeling of business processes in your company will be complete. The tools we use to achieve these goals are, above all, modern technologies that enable digitization and optimization of processes. We offer our clients:

  • the electronic flow of documents, scanning, and OCR,
  • modeling new business processes, bringing to perfection the current ones,
  • content and document archiving in the electronic form, creation of the e-documents.

The above-mentioned facilities are obtained as part of the flagship Plus Workflow solution. After the implementation, the client can only gain, as the work with the platform itself is intuitive, safe, and brings measurable economic benefits.

We understand that our clients need support also in other areas, so we are ready to respond to these expectations and, as part of business process modeling, suggest:

  • service support,
  • individual and team training,
  • implementation of BPM systems,
  • robotization of business processes.

Contact us so our specialist can choose the solution especially adjusted to your needs.

Business processes modeling – why us?

You already know that we think and work outside the box that is important during the business processes modeling. The tools at our disposal are one of the most modern on the market, and their operation will not cause you any difficulties (we will take care of it during the implementation). We educate, advise, train, and equip our clients with techniques that help them achieve their goals. Thanks to a comprehensive and individual approach to the client, we have become a trustworthy partner with whom well-known global brands cooperate. They appreciated the kernel of business processes management and made an effort to enhance their results, optimize expenses and gain support during important business projects. Importantly, Suncode may integrate the offered solutions with the external systems used by the customers. It is a perfect complement to enterprise management.

When choosing our services, you can expect:

  • a detailed audit of your daily business processes – the possibility to find problematic areas,
  • business process modeling – thanks to the Plus Workflow Editor you may learn how to do it properly,
  • access to a flexible platform thanks to which you will be able to safely and efficiently manage correspondence or documents,
  • support in the implementation of the document flow system,
  • better management of administrative and HR tasks.

We know how to do it well, efficiently, and on time. Many years of practice are combined with theoretical knowledge. We have served hundreds of companies from Poland and abroad, including capital groups and academic centers. Today we encourage you to join them. We are sure that we will meet your expectations. Based on the collected information and a comprehensive audit, your personal consultant will suggest optimal solutions. We encourage you to cooperate.