Issuing, approving, and archiving cost documents in the company is one of the most labor-intensive processes. The electronic flow of invoices shortens the work time and makes it more effective. It is a solution that reduces the financial outlay for the payroll department or hiring new employees and controls the incurred costs connected to placing orders, purchases, and payments. All the entrepreneurs who decide to use our help during the implementation of a BPM system that guarantees the automation in the scope of invoice flow may use various available functionalities. The Plus Workflow improves the business processes in this field by their automatization and optimization at every stage of the invoice flow process. It is a modern solution, recommendable for companies operating in different industries and sectors. If you are looking for a way to modernize your business, consider digitizing it with our tool for the electronic flow of invoices.

The electronic flow of invoices – what are the benefits?

Let’s move on to the real benefits that can be obtained by a company that replaces the traditional workflow of paper invoices with an automated version. Among the most important benefits, we should list the following ones:

  • reduction of the amount of paper waste, and thus care for environmental resources and their wise management;
  • the ability to remotely control processes and access invoices from anywhere in the world;
  • the best protection of documents against damage or loss;
  • standardized file naming that makes it easier to find them later in the system;
  • archiving and making backups;
  • full control over payment dates, no risk of delays;
  • minimized risk of errors at the stage of filling in invoices or their storage.

Many departments use the electronic flow of invoices in their daily work, noticing tangible benefits for the entire company. The security of confidential data, involved in the process and archived, is a priority for the clients. Thanks to experience and professionalism, many clients entrusted us with implementing the BPM system in their company.

Functionalities of the electronic invoice flow program:

Our system has many practical functionalities that facilitate the management of the invoice flow. Through the Plus Workflow platform, you can:

  • submit a purchase request;
  • plan and control the budget so as not to generate a deficit;
  • handle prepayments;
  • accept, assign, and archive invoices;
  • streamline orders placed with suppliers;
  • introduce cost invoices into the workflow;
  • budget and control orders from various departments;
  • combine invoices with orders.

As you can see, our solutions are used to optimize and automate the process that includes all stages of the flow of invoices – from the moment of submitting the purchase application to sending the invoice and archiving it. And all this with a minimized risk of any errors that could delay the payment process.

Business process optimization and flow of invoices

It can definitely be said that electronic invoice flow is often the first step towards the optimization of business processes. The documents are registered right after scanning and sending it to the base or their automatic sending to the Plus Workflow from email inbox. You decide who is authorized to enter data in the system and read it.  Thanks to OCR technology, the invoice data is read and entered automatically. After they are processed, they are transferred to the appropriate department, which describes and then accepts invoices. The electronic flow of invoices surpasses paper one in the scope of speed, intuition, and transparency.

Entrust us with implementing changes in your company through its digitization. The Plus Workflow will allow you to use the potential and integrate the system with office devices. The daily work with the documents will become faster and almost error-free. The lack of deficits, delays in payments, and the need to maintain an extensive HR department are other advantages of this solution. Now, thanks to Suncode, it is within your reach. Contact us for your offer of the optimal variant of this revolutionary system.