Electronic flow of invoices

The electronic flow of invoices in the Plus Workflow system is a solution that, among other things, thanks to the possibility of multi-stage acceptance and authorization for payment, allows not only to minimize the costs incurred but also to ensure the timeliness of tasks, increase control over expenses, and, most importantly, to secure data and documents.

Another important feature is the option to connect the invoice flow process with correlated processes, such as purchase requisitions, budget control, or payment processing.

In addition, the document management system (DMS) Plus Workflow system allows communication with EPR/financial-accounting systems (IFS, SAP, QAD, Comarch, Oracle, Symfonia, Optima, etc.), the use of OCR solution (optical character recognition from the invoice image), and data exchange with the Polish e-Invoice System (pl. Krajowy System e-Faktur – KSeF), which ensures automation of the purchase invoice workflow process in the company and minimization of manual tasks.

VAT and corrective invoices management

Identification of invoice duplicates

Combining invoices with purchase orders and GRN

Verification of whitelist and VAT payer activity

Improved invoice accounting

ProForma invoice management

Budget control

Downloading rates from the financial and accounting system or the Narodowy Bank Polski (National Polish Bank)

Generation of invoice metrics in PDF format

Contract reviewing

The contract reviewing of the Plus Workflow system is a solution with numerous unique features, such as integration with outgoing mail servers or the MS Word application. The system also allows for generating the final version of the agreement marked with a watermark in PDF format and collecting electronic signatures using Autenti, DocuSign, Szafir, or eSign.tech platforms.

Contract registration and reviewing with Suncode means:

  • Optimization of the process of preparing standard and non-standard contracts;
  • Versioning of documents and the ability to review contracts and annexes independently of each other;
  • Sending documents for contractor verification from within the system;
  • Archiving signed contracts in a secure repository and monitoring their validity periods.

Human resources management

Electronic human resources management in the Plus Workflow system has a significant impact on reducing costs and, most importantly, increasing the identification of employees with the organization and their involvement in the implemented activities. This is possible by handling the full recruitment process, which includes applying for a new position, collecting candidate applications, conducting a job interview, completing the job card, and, at a later stage, organizing training, planning the employee’s professional development, and awarding bonuses.

Importantly, electronic HR from Suncode optimizes the duties performed in the Human Resources departments, meeting the requirements of the Decree of the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy of December 10, 2018, on employee records.

Electronic personal files of employees

Applying for employee advances

Recruitment and employment of employees

Periodic employee evaluation

Employee bonus approval process

Employee onboarding

Vacation request process

Working time records

Import of the company’s organizational structure into the system

Correspondence management

Correspondence management by Plus Workflow means increased control over documents – supervision of their proper posting by the office, and minimized risk of unauthorized access to information – distribution of shipments to designated addressees inside the company. In addition, the system allows defining summary reports of correspondence so that all information about it is saved in the system archive and available to authorized users 24/7.

Incoming and outgoing correspondence management from Suncode includes:

  • Assigning case numbers enables combining correspondence on one topic;
  • Automatic generation of a log of outgoing and incoming correspondence;
  • Generating an invoice book in PDF format;
  • Email notifications about pending correspondence in the system.

Purchasing processes

Electronic purchasing processes in the Plus Workflow system is a solution that, thanks to data synchronization with the ERP system and the possibility of defining budgets and their allocation to appropriate departments, not only streamlines the submission of requests for the purchase of goods and services but also strengthens control over budgets and eliminates the risk of human error and, above all, abuses.

It is also important to link the purchase process with the processes of budget management and cost invoice approval.

Purchasing processes are the optimization and automation of a process that includes all activities, from the submission of a purchase request through its approval and generating a purchase order print to the approval of an invoice.

Ability to refer to standard price lists

Ability to tie purchase requisitions to invoices

Ability to verify the budget during the request

Ability to handle standard and non-standard purchases

Ability to present products in the form of a graphic store

Possibility of multi-level approval based on quota entitlements

Support for the process of collecting offers and selecting a supplier

Support for cyclical demands

Generation of order print in PDF format

Settlement of business trips

Settlement of business trips in the Plus Workflow system is a solution that, thanks to the option of automatic calculation of domestic and foreign allowances according to applicable rates or generating vehicle mileage, minimizes the risk of errors and thus increases the efficiency of activities performed. It provides full control over the process from the moment of submitting the application through acceptance, implementation, and settlement.

Settlement of business trips from Suncode includes:

  • The ability to account for business trip taking place by various means of transport;
  • Settlement of domestic and foreign allowances using the current National Polish Bank exchange rates;
  • Generation of a business trip settlement printout in PDF format;
  • Ability to request an advance payment before the trip;
  • Verification of the amount of advance payments of individual users;
  • Ability to settle the costs of travel by private car.
Other areas

Finances and accountancy

  • Purchase invoice management;
  • Automatic linking of invoices with GRNs and orders (3-way-matching);
  • Management and settlement of advance payments;
  • Payment processing process;
  • Cost reporting for reserves;
  • Managing the process of establishing a contractor;
  • The process of archiving customer documentation;
  • Loan application process;
  • Budgeting process and reporting of budget consumption;
  • Investment and project approval process;
  • The process of analyzing the profitability of investments;
  • Approval process for destruction of material indexes;
  • The process of accepting and recording fixed assets.

ISO 9001 processes

  • Publication, supervision and periodic verification of quality management system documentation;
  • Support for corrective and preventive actions;
  • Internal audits;
  • Submitting rationalization ideas;
  • Management by objectives;
  • Reflection of the quality book and ISO 9001 QMS documentation;
  • Automatic generation of instructions, processes and process cards;
  • Customer satisfaction survey;
  • Dealing with non-compliant products;
  • Design and change of products and technologies;
  • Management system overview;
  • Product and process control.


  • Records and control of employee authorizations;
  • Planning and providing training;
  • Recording and archiving OHS documentation;
  • Supporting the process of issuing work clothes;
  • Records of dangerous incidents and accidents;
  • Records of employee equipment;
  • OSH audit;
  • Preparation and review of instructions:
  • Occupational risk assessment:
  • Inspection of the working conditions;
  • Supervision of inspection and measurement equipment.


  • Acceptance of chemical substances:
  • Change of production technology;
  • Acceptance of technological tests;
  • Acceptance of product specifications;
  • Acceptance of packaging designs;
  • Acceptance and distribution of technical documentation;
  • Acceptance and review of recipes;
  • Generation of Stock Issue Confirmation (CI) documents;
  • Records and supervision of machinery (maintenance);
  • Reporting of breakdowns and repairs:
  • Scheduling repairs and maintenance of equipment.

Sales and marketing

  • Trade credit management process;
  • Offer acceptance process;
  • Registration and acceptance of inquiries;
  • Registration and execution of customer orders;
  • Reviewing and archiving commercial contracts;
  • Electronic distribution of sales invoices to customers;
  • Planning and purchasing marketing campaigns;
  • Managing content publication on websites and in the media;
  • Complaints and returns management.

Logistics and transport

  • The process of completing logistics documents (including GRN, CI, CMR documents);
  • Verification process of transport deliveries;
  • Records of transport orders;
  • Fleet management;
  • Transportation notification and control;
  • Courier ordering process;
  • Delivery notice and delivery time monitoring;
  • Delivery route management based on checkpoints.

IT processes

  • Applying for authorizations for users of IT systems;
  • Creating accounts;
  • IT equipment records;
  • Issuance and management of IT equipment failures;
  • Help-Desk process;
  • Change management in IT applications;
  • Applying for new IT equipment.

Information security procedures and GDPR

  • GDPR incident reporting;
  • Request to delete personal data;
  • Request to change personal data;
  • Request for export of personal data;
  • Request for anonymization of personal data;
  • Plus GDPR module.

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