The Plus Workflow system, along with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) components, allows users to elaborate and launch dedicated robots (computer programs). They are aimed at performing repetitive works on the basis of a specific algorithm, in a non-invasive way. The robots reconstruct the user’s activities in the GUI layer as computer applications, such as operating on HTML pages, “screen scraping” or scripts that allow working in many different environments or IT systems, such as, ERP, CRM, Workflow or email programs.

The concept of processes robotization may be applied wherever there are premises and possibilities to replace monotonous and repetitive human work with robot work. It is highly beneficial, as the robot may work 24/7. Moreover, it significantly lowers the cost of processes, eliminates the need to use soft human resources management and error occurrence, assumes greater accuracy of operations and removes the need to build and implement expensive interfaces between different IT systems. In that case, the sky’s the limit. The users may robotize a wide range of activities, starting from Shared Service Center robotization (for instance, accounting, HR, and document processing operations), through call-centers, data gathering, analyzing, and reporting, ending up with automatic managing of orders, loan or leasing applications.

When designing a robot in the Plus Workflow system, the user indicates the next steps and activities that are associated with the relevant IT instructions. The robotization of business processes is, though, a new organizational and technical approach. Among the most important robots’ characteristics, there may be included:

  • the ability to launch robots directly in the PlusWorkflow system using current system functionalities such as permissions, which is of great importance for current Plus Workflow customers;
  • the robots are non-invasive, which means that they fail to interfere with other IT systems through the additionally programmed or configured interfaces using various integration methods such as API, WebServices, advanced database operations, data warehouses, etc. The RPA class systems work on the user layer of the currently exploited systems;
  • the robots produce data, but do not store them;
  • the implementation of the robots delivered by Suncode does not require changes in the scope of current operational platforms or logistic, as well as functionalities of IT company’s systems;
  • the Plus Workflow platform enables launching of different robots designed to meet the company’s IT requirements in the areas of security, scalability, control and change management, simultaneously;
  • the robots’ work may be properly monitored in the form of reports or statements available directly from the Plus Workflow system.

Robots delivered on the Plus Workflow platform are the next step in automating business processes and the digital transformation of enterprises.