Trade and distribution

Dynamically evolving consumer needs and expectations, changing trends, and high market competitiveness are aspects that retail and distribution companies have to face every day. This involves managing many of the company’s day-to-day business processes, both those focused on customer service, such as accepting complaints and returning goods, and internal ones, such as communication between branches or warehouses and logistics processes.

This is why it is necessary to invest in the latest technologies that allow optimization and automation of processes.

The Plus Workflow system is a low-code solution supporting electronic document and process management that responds to a wide range of needs of commercial enterprises – from internal communication through data processing to the support of logistic processes.

The process of creating a supplier account

The process of completing delivery documents

The process of explaining supply discrepancies

The process of applying for the issuance of sales invoices

The process of accepting the balance limit for the customer

The process of registering cash reports

The process of complaints management

The process of returns management

Banking and finances

Ensuring the security of processed data is one of the most important challenges facing banks and financial institutions. In addition, inflation and turbulently changing exchange rates or interest rates make it necessary for financiers to constantly keep their finger on the pulse.

Nowadays, the digitization of banking also has a significant impact; electronic document management, electronic signatures, and the possibility of efficient contract management and credit risk assessment are just some of the aspects that influence competitiveness in this sector.

Implementing a BPM-class solution means not only a quick return on investment (ROI), but also ensuring the security of information and supporting all processes taking place in the company.

The process of archiving the documentation of the bank’s client

The process of loan application management

The process of analyzing the profitability of investments


Automotive companies are faced with daily challenges such as ensuring production continuity, analyzing data, and tailoring sales to the modern consumer. Additionally, there is the responsibility for safety, primarily for customers but also for employees.

Developing digital technologies have forced the automotive industry to significantly reorganize its business model and adapt to the expectations of consumers available online – remote contract management or registration of invoices are just some of the most common conveniences required today.

The Plus Workflow BPM-class system is a comprehensive solution that amortizes the costs occurring in the enterprise and provides support for, among others:

The process of conducting technological tests

The process of managing damage at the plant

Controlling the assembly of car components

Controlling the transport of components to the factory

Notifying transports

The process of changing production technology

Medicine and pharmacy

Taking care of the health and safety of patients is a responsibility of the utmost importance. Ensuring adequate resources and equipment or efficient communication between patients and facilities are just a few of the many tasks that medical facilities – from pharmaceutical companies to diagnostic laboratories to hospitals and clinics – face on a daily basis.

It is important to ensure the smooth flow of information, integration of various systems, as well as accessibility across all facilities. For this reason, it is necessary to implement BPM class solutions that will allow efficient management of internal processes of the medical industry, from storing patient data, to ordering necessary equipment and materials, to quality alerts.

Quality alerts

The process of generating finished product specifications

Raw material release process

The process of re-inspection of raw material

Recipe change process

Product recall process

Office ordering process

Internal complaint protocol process

Food industry

According to the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the food sector in Poland is one of the most rapidly growing branches of the economy.

Maintaining the highest safety standards during the production and transportation of food is quite a challenge for food companies. All products must be manufactured and transported in accordance with strict regulations for the sake of consumer health. Hence, it is highly important to have custody of production, shipping, and sales processes.

These processes are supported by the electronic document and process management system called Plus Workflow, in which completing tasks is child’s play.

The process of packaging specification approval

The process of promotional applications

The process of product specifications

The process of developing a product prototype

Preparation of product recipe prototype

Acceptance of promotional requests for activities in the modern and traditional channel


Ensuring the timeliness of work while simultaneously providing the employees’ security and monitoring the investment budget constitute some of the most common challenges in the construction industry. Moreover, constantly changing prices of raw materials and new market trends mean that companies must dynamically adapt their processes to the ongoing changes.

Hence, the optimization of internal processes with the use of the BPM-class solution is significant as it enables the formal tasks to be streamlined, automated, and, most importantly, controlled on an ongoing basis by the duty holders.

Planning and monitoring the use of investment budgets

Acceptance process of completed work stages (processing protocols)

Archiving and settlement of contracts with the investor and subcontractors

Accounting for working time at facilities

Archiving and sharing project documentation

Acceptance of subcontractor service orders

Acceptance of orders for construction materials

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