Independent process management and electronic document flow

The Plus Workflow is a Low-Code solution with a collection of modules and plug-ins that optimize work and reduce the cost of implemented processes. Importantly, Plus Workflow has an integrated graphical studio for modeling processes and running document workflows, Plus Workflow Editor, thanks to which it is possible to create and edit business processes independently.

What does the Low-Code solution provide?

  • The ability to independently launch new workflows and business applications;
  • Working with an easy-to-use, graphical studio for creating and editing processes;
  • Ability to visualize the form and simulate the process flow;
  • Ability to integrate with databases and external systems;
  • Saving time and money.
System features


The Plus Workflow system makes process management and electronic document flow easier! Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, the system allows the optimization of a wide range of business processes in a company. Users can take advantage of ready-made boxed solutions such as the registration of invoices, correspondence, or the review of contracts, or those tailored to individual needs, such as the procurement of raw material documentation, the process of construction orders, or the process of supervision of control and measurement equipment.

Plus Workflow Editor

This Low-Code graphical business process modeling studio is ideal for enterprises that want to independently launch new workflows and applications customized to the company’s unique procedures. Users form new business processes and task forms with the Drag & Drop mechanism, dragging icons/buttons/tabs to designated places on the form. Importantly, all this is done using one of the most popular modeling standards, Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN).

Multiple modules

The Plus Workflow system is equipped with components that improve the work with the system and minimize the costs of the implemented processes. The modules support both the tasks performed by employees, such as reporting absences and business trips (Plus Calendar), adding and viewing documents (Plus DocAttach, Plus DocPreview), or verifying the status of the VAT taxpayer (Plus NIP Checker), as well as those performed by the system administrators – changing data in the form (Plus ChangeData), or assigning the execution of tasks to other users (Plus DeadlineForward).


Systems integration is important for every company as it enables smooth data transfer. For this reason, Suncode makes sure that the Plus Workflow system can be integrated with any external IT system, such as SAP, Movex, Symfonia, QAD, IFS, Optima and many others. Documents and data from the Plus Workflow system are transferred to external systems through dedicated web services, flat files and communication with database tables.

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Easy process design with Low-Code solution

Real-time process management

Unlimited system configuration possibilities

Security of business documents and data

Electronic document flow for any type of business

Efficient access from any web browser and mobile devices

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