Performing work duties off-site increases an employee’s flexibility and also guarantees independence from environmental factors. Both of these aspects are particularly important today, which is why the ability to work remotely from mobile devices has even become critical to maintaining business continuity for enterprises.

Thinking about the dynamic realities of today’s labor market, Suncode has introduced mobile applications to help companies effectively manage remote work. Our goal is to promote sustainable and flexible employment models, the cornerstone of today’s business environment. Aware of the further development of mobile work in the future, we are using modern technology to continuously improve business processes with the aim of optimizing businesses and enhancing the convenience of their employees.

Mobile apps from Suncode

The Plus Workflow platform has been equipped with secure, fast, and reliable mobile applications, enabling effective remote work directly from the system.

The first flagship mobile application offered by Suncode is Plus Workflow Mobile. It allows performing work in the Plus Workflow directly from an iOS or Android mobile device. The users gain the ability to effectively manage their business responsibilities without the need for traditional computers. The application provides access not only to existing functions but also allows initiating, monitoring and implementing key business processes. This tool assists employees in making quick decisions and maintaining operational continuity, wherever they are. This makes the Plus Workflow Mobile application a key element in building an efficient and dynamic work environment.

The second application that supports remote work is Plus Workflow Scan. It allows users to scan documents from their mobile devices and automatically upload them to the Plus Workflow system, regardless of their current location. A key functionality of the application is the ability to easily connect documents using QR codes available in the system, which greatly streamlines and automates business processes. The transfer of information between a mobile device and the Plus Workflow platform is instantaneous, giving employees convenient access to company documentation and the ability to share or archive it immediately. With no need for traditional scanners, the Plus Workflow Scan mobile app is an invaluable tool to support users in the efficient workflow and fulfillment of their duties.

Picture 1. Mobile applications from Suncode – possibilities

Using our mobile applications you can:

  • Quickly scan invoices, receipts, and attachments from sales representatives;
    and other cost documents;
  • Handle external and internal deliveries from warehouses using forklifts;
  • Biometrically sign CI documents;
  • Execute HR processes in production using tablets with the Plus Workflow Mobile application available to production employees;
  • Perform existing job duties from any location;
  • Respond flexibly to market changes.

Today, the scope and form of mobile work are constantly expanding. So there is no doubt that its further development and expansion into various business areas are inevitable. Observed changes in the way we work, especially in the context of the global situation, make flexibility and the ability to perform work duties from anywhere increasingly valued. Versatile mobile applications from Suncode cover the most important tasks performed daily in the enterprise. They provide effective tools to support companies in the implementation of business processes, ensuring the fluidity and full security of electronic workflow while supporting remote work.